As a traveller I roam and move,

to the  destination miles apart,

I come across through different places,

with various distinct landscapes…


Nature blossoming somewhere,

another land  dries lying dead…

Rivers gushing with splendid force,

Also sandy deserts where it rains…


Land of civilizations sparkling,

far away…

barren with  drought

the fields despair…


Races mixed with different genres,

moving past , frictioning ,

Bloodpath somewhere is flooded …

in another corner of the earth…


Varied people I have met,

Their eyes do speak  the thoughts within,


swindlers,frauds conning…

Some steal money,

some peace of mind,

dignity snatched somewhere,

crushed is the genuineness sublime…


What frustration they carry,

why such confusion in minds,

what is the gem they are seeking,

killing the conscious benigned  smile…


Every soul a different reflection,

Still they are sons and daughters of the same Creator Divine…

What makes them  go in unlike ways,

few becoming human,

some going astray…

What shall make them

moveth forth

on the path of  righteousness …

Stop for a while ..

O! MY Lord!

to dawn them with your consciousness.

46 thoughts on “IAM A TRAVELLER!

  1. “Every soul a different reflection,
    Still they are sons and daughters of the same Creator Divine…”
    So true we are all so similar yet so different!

  2. I think its something like, for every well doing, there should be someone to retract it. In fact for every single kind hearted, we find many who never have the same. May by because of this the person was true & has some values or has made some beliefs on other. It’s like we human were able to differentiate between the two, then only someone trust worthy was recognizable.

    But whatever it is, as you said, its also important, that how would one nurture these people and change their mind indeed

  3. it is an art to be able to write what the HEART says and you sure have that talent ..
    a lovely poem

    on a tangent .. a Traveller is lucky they get to experience so much and learn so much in the travels

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