Who knoweth the serrated pangs of the piercing of poisoned dart Alas! it pierced and pierced. That nostalgia of the suffocating breath memories flash in  visuals history held the pen in hand  bleed the pages… prior being written. the shrill and softness of the yearn the quivering voice ,lost in sunburn, drips through the sides… Read More ADIEU!

Timeless !

like the countless stars of a night sky as the endless tides of the ocean nearby like the fragrance of flower ,felt and unseen… the river which endlessly flows …throughout summer, winter or spring, as the ceaseless pulsating beats of a heart under the constant blueness of sky… on  greenery of the land dwells the… Read More Timeless !

O! Krishna!

The bejeweled trinket clinks, tinkle ,few silver bangles, she halts as the melody from  flute mingles in the air… in a soft tone she chants, “O! Krishna,where did you vanish, your flute troubles me and plays pranks… I search you and find none… where hath thou gone, O! Gracious one, the sun sets in Brindavan…… Read More O! Krishna!


“me” the universe rotates around, swirled “I” in the prism of creation dissolves the outward character like a particle of salt I be a part ,now of the supreme ocean… One drop ,is what I become of the gigantic waters… What for then”I” cried and wailed When tis the drop ,what I become! Rather promiscuous… Read More “I”

Thy! Majesty!

Where wander thy! The lost prince   of the unbloomed heart, deserted who my kingdom,to travel far awaits the lotus within to blossom with thy magic wand! Whose call ,makes the universe rotate Winds changeth directions Fish forget to swim and sink in deep When thy flute resonates. Soul dances in ecstasy mind loses its knowledge… Read More Thy! Majesty!