A beautiful  flower once found itself,

growing amidst a bunch of weeds,

on a land of stale air,

with pungent smell suffocating…


“How do I live here, ” it said,

When I hail  from an enchanting world,

Being  away from my base,

In a different negative atmosphere….


Pondering  again  for a while,

It thought of  fighting with full strive,

secreting sweet  aromatic essence,

it tried to displace the foul air…


Stronger it remained with its will,

dispersing tranquil serene appeal,

even in diverse conditions of survival,

 disseminating in the zephyr fragrance pristine…





Last night ..while staring  at the white snowlight!

dazzling like a glowing ball in the darkened air,

I thought of  the few words that you had written.

Feelings stirred as I read ,

emotions condensed with vigour,

wild imaginations built new  castles,

like a fantasy world created in heaven….

warm blood rushed and  I blushed,

freezing fingers  in the chilled breeze ,

What a series of words you thought ,

spreading  a magnetic effect overall,

dipping me in aromatic  fragrance …

I stood there night long,

gazing at the luminescence…