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Diary of a mind

Just another day ends without any change in the routine…Sometimes I think what makes the life move on…our routine or our time…We all seem to be puppets in the hands of time…

Time is never the same and it keeps on changing ..Neither it stops nor it comes back again… How extraordinary  time is…!

Right from our workplace to the industries that are involved in production all are busy managing time..Time management is really a bigger issue now as 24×7 working is getting bit common..A person is available 24 hrs on a cellphone..on mails..and the communication is  on continuously..After going through the management programmes and trainings on “Just in time management“,”Six sigma” and lot more ,we continously strive to organise our time schedule and use it properly..

All this pertains only to our work..But have we all ever thought, or tried to organise our time that we spend with our…

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(photos:google images)

Adorned with ardent  flowers of magical lilies,

enamouring becomes the breeze,

when the shy blooms bend and blush,

smiling innocently with the  petals curled !


A breath of  sweet redolence,

absorbed within the nectar,

Ambrosia becomes the secretion,

when the flora absorbs the entrancing air!








Captivating is the scenic visage,

seizing the minds and hearts …

weaving a thread of impeccable  love…

mesmerizing the life with beguiling charm!


I wonder ! about the joyous beauty!

The tranquil and everlasting essence,

bedecked in the lap of nature,

Ambrosia remains immaculate!