Of the whispers that I hear

in music of the wind,

beckoning me!

To fields of swaying joy

under the open sky,

I breathe gayly…

In blithe I close my eyes,

to listen

to your gentle voice…

Amidst the green meadow,

a butterfly comes beside,

to touch and kiss me

a sweet lullaby…

I discover you

in the melody

of  its hummed song…

I get absorbed

and soak my heart

in  memories

of your love.


 She walked down in a trance,
transcending  in a world of her own…
straight to the brook flowing beside…
which played melodious  music of the gushing pour!
She halted beneath a blossomed tree,
shedding its lovely petals and leaves,
Like a carpet of satin feathers spread
over the grass  in few minutes…Spreading her cascade of lavender,
she started playing with the gems scattered,
breaking and mixing,with her fingers tenderly…

Hours passed,she was still engrossed,
in her colourful dreams and thoughts,
as the azure turned into red,
the soft breeze became more intense,
her golden locks flowed and kissed…
her strawberry coloured soft  cheeks .

Her woolgathering came to an end,
as if she was aware of the trend,
slowly she gathered her robe,
stood and started walking down
the trodden road,
suddenly a flash of light appeared,
two beautiful silver wings emerged,
protruding from her skin beneath,

and soon she flew away …
dissolving in the crimson..
and disappeared!


Where are we heading to! where is the equality in humanity?

Diary of a mind

Do you find any similarity between you and the person sitting in another corner of the world? Is the person who follows a certain religion is of different species, than the one who believes in another religion?Does the colour of the skin change the fact that we all aren’t of the same human race?
Does the man who is sitting and enjoying quietly with his family in the  East makes him different or inferior than someone who is sitting in another corner of the world?

Then why is thou humanity ?where is thou compassion?

Well! Is this supposed to be the life for a human being who takes  birth after millions of other births starting from a jelly fish and then finally getting evolved as a human?

The answer lies within.

After going through the cycle of evolution,we as humans should have learnt many lessons from our previous species. The…

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