Intoxicated air filled the mind

with thoughts amorous

Mystifying eyes had mesmerized

the heart conscious.


Her presence magical

charmed the Spartan

Love is the felon

that infects everyone!

PHOTOCREDIT: www.starrabbott.com



  1. The man “shackled and crowned” is talking about in “just Drink”, is my husband. He is sober and healthy. She still writes about reunting with him oneday, while supposedly getting engaged to her boyfriend. He dumped her 3 yrs ago and stil won’t stop.It is hard for me to see her accept an award for wanting someone to “fall of the wagon.” Yes it’s art, but we are talking about someones sobriety. She once wrote she wanted to push him off the wagon. Seems unethical.

    1. First of all Thanks Heidi for being here! I neither know her personally nor you! Here it is a different world of expressions where we try to express our emotions or thoughts,or views. We appreciate a person on basis of the written word and not by personal nature ,for no one knows their real nature.The process of writing is always elf healing and has helped several who have suffered or been victimized or are floating with arrogance… My appreciation is for the words that I read and it stays away from personal feelings! You are welcome here my friend as much as she is! Best wishes!

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog today. I appreciate the time you took to stop by. May your day be filled with joy and peace.

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