Inner light
Inner light (Photo credit: Colin 30d)



what is needed in our life,

with so much of darkness unfathomed,

and the path to our destination

gets lost everytime.


wonder what makes us walk,

our inner light

or a guiding star

far away from the earth

sparkling bright!


Whether we get abandoned or estranged ,

there is a light shining our way..

to let us know

who we are..

where do we stand …

and what for!

Inner light (MSH0209)
Inner light (MSH0209) (Photo credit: Mags_cat)

A small flame of candle,

or an earthen lamp,

light from the  lighthouse,

or the dazzling luminance,

every light has its purpose,

serving the life with a fervour…


The illumined stars of this Galaxy

the sun and the moon,

are immortal…

since aeonian times

  as they light the universe,

brightening the creation  of the Almighty…


Illuminating for ages …

they are the illumination…


by the greatest illuminator!


My heartfelt thanks to Sheri of for considering me worth for the illuminating blogger  award!

What an honour it feels when you get nominated by a person who has thoughts and imaginations as divine and beautiful as she herself is. A voice she has that can awaken a soul, a voice she has which can make you aware of your inner self… The purpose of life beyond the flesh and skin, the noble reason of being  a part of this creation…you can find everything on her blog and her writings!

light bulb concept

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Iam a simple ,loving and affectionate person,who gets along well with almost everyone. For me humility is the most precious jewel and realization the greatest virtue. I was an athlete during my school days and played lot many games and sports. Till date I love to play badminton if ever I get any opportunity. I love singing besides writing poems.

My favourites are:

*  Pawan

* Vigil kumar

 *  Nirmal

*  Vimal

*  Millie


Illuminating, Inspiring and Gargie.