Like shining sands…

sparkling stones

in the sweltering heat…

or the cooling breeze…

I stand alone!

Like waves you come and touch ,

carrying me  in everything…

Slowly washing away my shore…

sometimes a little more…




 I  hear the lore,

  Of the falling

and rising chores…

What happens if I get washed away…

gradually  getting eroded in the waves…

Have you gathered my tits and bits…

which got  absorbed in your dreams …

Like lost sands

…each particle gets lost…

in the gravels  of time…in past,

with the collapsing tides which dart,

while struggling  to anchor

  the existence beneath its earth!


There’s nothing in my mind today,

lost thoughts,

confused like maze,

blank looks,

hazy vision…

smogs the scene

and my heart”s envision!


I am confused for what I think,

getting disturbed with every noisy brink,

No energy to carry the work forth,

for some loneliness creeps in  my heart…


What is it I do ponder?

overstressed self or

overexerted shoulder,

less oxygen to breathe ,

or is the the cold air

that makes me feel

chilling and disturbing!

petals of the heart!

aasaman ke pankh



कभी इस दिल के पंखुरियों से पूछों,
मुरझ गयी तेरे इंतज़ार में,
राह तकते सुबह शाम,
 किस पल मिले इसे थोडा सुकून।
सुर्ख हवाओं से सिमटी,
गरम फिजाओं  में झुलसती,
चंद लम्हे ढूंढ़ती
यह सुहाने बसंत की ।
उस मनोहर स्पर्श के इंतज़ार में,
कोमल मनोरम दृश्य के,
जब हर एक पंखुरी बिखरे ,
मुस्कराहट अपने शरमाई सी हंसी  के

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Turned around and never said a word,

forgotten the begotten love,

how ruthless can  a soul become!

when selfishness paralyses mind with fear!

Conviction is never treasured,

What a pity for the mankind of  today!

A man flees when confronted!

Battle of life he loses in the first step,

when self belief  and faith shakes ,

fear of losing the fame possessed,

obsession  of getting attached to the name…

Moron has become the intelligent human,

who dies every second,

and has thousand deaths,

enjoyment  and fun that exist in phrase.

for a second he cannot conjure,

mind,body and soul work together,

and cannot be pulled  in different directions…

luring, seducing woman on the street,

enticing the innocence ,

robbing the entity…

he killed the conscience instantly

while turning into a dead  living being!