O’ Raga !

O! Raga

the ancient rhythm of my soul, how cautiously you move

infinite waves rise and fall, dancing on

heartfelt tunes

crashing against the world

tis old traditions .. while weeps the soul in a nook

where art thou!

the blissful Raga

can I compose a melody just for you?

in monsoons

wet you with my verse

or soothe you with a lucid song

in summers?

the serene music of nature

what makes the fall smiling

when deciduous trees wither

the serene music of nature

Tis the rhythm of my soul

O Raga!

that beats on a celestial composition.DSCF4636

A Life gets over


A part of me is sliced tonight

chaffed off my tender heart

The breath is half,

Life becomes half

snatches as the clutches of destiny

from my existence

a part

Somewhere down the years , the bruised portion will grow

balm the wounds with verses of blood

curing pain of the open shredded injuries

A part of me then shall merge,


coalesce and unite to assimilate finally

like a body converts to ashes

and integrates in the soil

A Life gets over

The quill rewrites ….


The quill rewrites …

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Art work by SamVerdegaal Art work by SamVerdegaal


You keep your head down and follow the footsteps.
Those feet imprinting themselves in mud, all of your vision.
As you walk slowly in line. Head down.
The world blurs itself in peripheral vision.
As do the guns and uniforms.
And the words and the stories.
Spoken in hushed voices.
Keeping you in line.
As you slowly walk.
Head down.
But some day,
Some day you’re going to want to look up.
Some day you’re going to want to get shot.
Some day, you’ll be bits of brain and blood in mud.
You’ll be the easel.
The brush plucked from your skin.
Dipped back in your lifeless body.
Making paintings in someone else’s peripheral vision.
You weren’t meant for lines.
Lines weren’t meant for you.
And there you’ll be lying.
Dead, perhaps. Lifeless, never.
Eyes skyward.
Head high.
So high.

@Srijan Dubey


Moral I…

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Can we all become more civilized?


The era of revolution begins! Get connected artists and voice your thoughts for the dying humanity. Spread universal love and compassion.

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This question might trigger /instigate thoughts of every individual? Aren’t we ?
The answer is NO. Belonging to a race called humans and coming from different cultural and social backgrounds, have we as humans tended to evolve ourselves more perfectly? Indeed not, the race has moved far away from the definition of being humane.
What have we done to our society, this world and universe? Forget about animals, we cannot live in peace with each other.
How shall we stop this growing inhumaneness?

“The abandoned kin of mankind
stray on deserted roads and wealthy jungles
wolves concealed under the sheepskin,
buy their integrity
in exchange for shelter
what curse befalls on the humans…
Can thou see!
Die they in thousands ,
in wars, blasts and homicide
culpable in every way…
in ashes of dead
live thousand wishes and aspirations
burn in rage ,
the abandoned and bereft
destitute of nature”

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