“Poets”- on my 11 th year of WordPress Blog

This is a special post as I complete 11 years in the WP blogging world out of which the early 3-4 years I had been extremely active. Gradually the activeness here reduced and other activities started simultaneouly but nevertheless, my gratitude to the WordPress Blogging world and my community shall remain forever. As my journey to every destination/ goal started from here.


Here is the special post:

Poets speak truth,

 I presume

in between lines and words

metaphors wrapped in a cosy shawl of emotions

personified as a beautiful bird

flying to an unknown destination

 in a

a silent night sailing

through fluffy clouds of hope and desperation

they assume

they fall,

 they rise and

sometimes become stagnant.

Poets write, poets bleed,

their only treasure the

hidden thoughts

 those which emerge on the blank pages of

a journal.

@ soumya

Another harbour

From  the pangs of the unseen blows
Amidst the silent ocean
When the boat tries to row
Who wondered would storms
tremble the rakes
The anchor had been rigid
The rope too strengthened
Yet forgot the wind
The vessel stranded
Reined by fate
Pulled by actions
Navigated by logic
The weakened sail
Moved to another harbour

How easy it was to wipe the etch
The faith of going beyond horizon
believed ne’r ..put on stake
How long would
The wind be bemused
Flowers, creepers dont carry it to moon

Tis the heart that shall drive again
Reaffirming  presence
Even  being abandoned
to no man s land
Course it to the perfect stage..

@ soumya

In conversation in SAFARNAMA

Hi friends,

Sharing something different than the usual writing, a piece of conversation from the long journey of life.

"Let us dare

 to differ

see the intricacies

love the unique and ponder

watch out differences

glare  the common

gaze at the newer

admire the adventurer

idolize the seeker


and learn

let us dare to differ

allow ourselves to think,

to know, to understand

to absorb, to admonish

to eradicate our fears

let us learn to invent

to discover

 to accept the unknown"

- Soumya Vilekar

The Roadway

would it..
will it not?
the roadway to the final destination
would carry the fragrance of
soil... dried leaves and the sweat along?
will it spread the nostalgia of sojourn
while the swaying branch bends to
 brush the tresses
Will the dust speak of the crimson sunset
floating in the air
or of the wading birds bidding adieu
to lakes and pollen of distant flowers
will the anchor of sail...sing tale
of rough weathers
or the vessel explain the trembles of
turbulent waters
would the altar of purpose...
reverberate nuances of the voyage
Breathe then... inhale the redolence ;
...like a feather this
will vanish forever...lost,
 in the treading soil
of the travel...

@ Soumya


herein i fortify the roots of nature
ones which need love and affection
in storms whence they stand stronger
deeper to travel more inside the gravel....

roots of life , 
roots of human
 cause of
ignorance or wisdom

anchor thyself,
 in soil 
introspect inside 
what lies on the layer is superficial
above the ground...the world is so different
the real roots exist and appear....


Finish the task

Tis tough to ev'r know the depth
the ocean where compassion dwells
like sapphire it sparkles in drops
from corner or blade of grass
The roar inside is silenced
by pricks of thorns
or hidden rose branch
...Who knoweth what
lies in conscience...
walkin the way is our aim;

amidst surreal
jingles , shimmers
rule the game
solace unheeded 
purpose stalk
denotation distinct
free the soul and
finish the task...



whilst the storm had intentions 
that were futile
the petals reopened 
blossomed in white
the winds had blown shelters of words
trying to ransack whole world...
in morning light 
in night mystic
the lone flower bloomed 
on the dignified tree
crumpled at times, crushed 
inside it pined...
resilience added to the power of victory
truth and immaculateness paved the way to  serenity