Indefinite , infinite is the call
 hope of a dawn that illuminates the darker
though the distance had been farther
and path too difficult
that golden shine which peeps
from behind life's silhouette
speaks as an augur
here shall arrive
the momentous moment
when reap thou shall
sowed seeds of faith
to that voice of inner conscience
the soul in trust &  vigour.



this endless walk

through lanes of life 
picking pebbles, throwing at the flowing brook
climbing mountains to dream of the faraway clouds
gazing at stars and whispering them of the heart
dying every day with incessant struggles of survival
and counting breaths in between
pausing to think of your name
pulsating on your notes
yearning of blissful moments
the solitude sings melodies of
being together
to etch new horizons of love...



what do I wish
where do I walk
amidst the ferns or over the rocks
randomly I wander
what doth I seek
happiness - a mystery
contentment - a big game
sadness becomes the landlord,
sometimes smiles rent the hall
brushing cheeks with tears of agony 
or sometimes no reason to weep
skies embrace and stars kiss my wall
overwhelmed heart skips and skids in ecstasy
this season let us travel to find ourselves
amongst all.


photography of fall trees
Photo by Guillaume Meurice on


They nv’r  learnt to rest

The untiring pair stood everywhere –

in corridors, in queue

struggling for survival

even in nights, beside the bed

burdened with duty, the lonesome pair

They surprise


smile over and share

“Tis our dedication” ,spoke the duo very clear

filling the corridors with resonance

proclaiming their presence

I unfailingly rest for few hours

While the pair of energetic legs stand forever

7th Blog Anniversary


Like the blossoming of flower in spring, have unfurled the petals of writing . Every unfurling birngng out a new essence and beauty to the depth and fragrance of poetry and writing.

As I complete 7 years on this platform I would wish to thank all my blogger friends who have been friends encoraging supporting my work activities online and offline…

This note would never end without mentioning Shaheen, my loving friend whom I met on WordPress and who is a mentor, guide, friend and a legend in the world of Arts and Culture.

May the world and family of bloggers continue to support each other with love and compassion .We need peace and understanding in this era of chaos and hatred.

Let this community be a sign of strength and uniqueness for everyone in the world

Thanks and Love



Walking with wind


Walking with  wind

I discovered

New blooms

New seasons

While autumn pervaded in nearby valley

Spring advents on another hill ;

Blissfully sang the rivulet passing through


Down in the plains

it died of suffocation,Parched with polluted contaminants ;

Like the light of golden aureate

brightens on my face

While another  sleeps in dark chariot

“One step ahead”, faith proclaims

Wherein “Hold back” ,fear states…

The same plant bears a bud to unfurl

On another branch a flower perishes


Walking with the wind

I noticed

adversities – aren’t they nature’s fundamental

walking with the wind

I realized

Law of life

is unanimous and universal.