Will you embrace me my  love

In the wee hours of dark

While shimmers the thousand stars in sky

 the flower of soul unfurls with fragrance

breeze gets sonorous , redolent gets heart….

Can you hear the random rumblings inside

As my veins burn and whine

The blood floweth and speaks of you

Pain is mutual, whether you share

Or keep mime…


the silent prayer

when will the season change
how shall the colours transform
wrath of weather
and so the fall
beauty I perceive and accept
grace I acknowledge and realize
yet difficult is the terrain
hold my hand, O my lord !
when storms blur the path
waves erode the rocks
patience ,I silently rear
in my casket of faith
when turbulences prolong


Indefinite , infinite is the call
 hope of a dawn that illuminates the darker
though the distance had been farther
and path too difficult
that golden shine which peeps
from behind life's silhouette
speaks as an augur
here shall arrive
the momentous moment
when reap thou shall
sowed seeds of faith
to that voice of inner conscience
the soul in trust &  vigour.



this endless walk

through lanes of life 
picking pebbles, throwing at the flowing brook
climbing mountains to dream of the faraway clouds
gazing at stars and whispering them of the heart
dying every day with incessant struggles of survival
and counting breaths in between
pausing to think of your name
pulsating on your notes
yearning of blissful moments
the solitude sings melodies of
being together
to etch new horizons of love...



what do I wish
where do I walk
amidst the ferns or over the rocks
randomly I wander
what doth I seek
happiness - a mystery
contentment - a big game
sadness becomes the landlord,
sometimes smiles rent the hall
brushing cheeks with tears of agony 
or sometimes no reason to weep
skies embrace and stars kiss my wall
overwhelmed heart skips and skids in ecstasy
this season let us travel to find ourselves
amongst all.


photography of fall trees
Photo by Guillaume Meurice on Pexels.com


They nv’r  learnt to rest

The untiring pair stood everywhere –

in corridors, in queue

struggling for survival

even in nights, beside the bed

burdened with duty, the lonesome pair

They surprise


smile over and share

“Tis our dedication” ,spoke the duo very clear

filling the corridors with resonance

proclaiming their presence

I unfailingly rest for few hours

While the pair of energetic legs stand forever