Invisible Call

In the darkness of nothingness, when a storm hurriedly invades the serenity of path undertaken, sometimes blowing off the roof of belief or shelter , its hard to remain focused and determined. The dip in that ocean of pain brings out the most resilient façade of ours which we never had configured.

Like that beautiful resplendence of the full moon in dancing tides of ocean overwhelm the soul ,as if it knows no bounds.This realization of resilience and calmness invigorates stronger faith and determination inspite of rough patches and long distance of broken bends and promises.

Let thy grace shine upon such souls always!

“what else would the soul pray for

in the lonesome desert of world

why thus , how long

how deep , how far…

beyond the stars , behind th eveil

what calls, what beckons

song of  nature, melody of love

wave of emotions, tides of ocean

fluttering of beats,

sound of creation…

Utter thus, words , or music of soul

O ! benign creator


@Soumya V

P.S : It is a random post written as impromtu whilst the mind traveled .IMG_20161027_130255



In the narrow alleys then

fragrance roses in abundance

The light smell of musk incense filled the air

I frantically moved from lane to lane

in search of you

While the lamps illumined darker corners and stars gazed

music echoed and  heart danced

with  inebriation

forgetting self  in search for your presence

seeking the path to blissful pleasure…


lost in crowd ,  joyous and mute

another moment tears overflowed

and washed every glance

Nothing could be seen and known

It was a trance … a gnosis of  love showering

on soul…

onto every  step , I fell

a hand came to save

I move around and still search for you

Alleys of Ajmer

Dust of  you

I breathe your presence

O ! Murshid ! I miss you !

Grand Mosque , AbuDhabi ©Soumya




Lifeless appears life
Whilst thou sleep through golden light
Having lost the moment and time
What remains is
mirage of life

Mere existence,
Forgetting to breathe
Unheard heartbeats
Criss cross shades umpteen

Lifeless life of monochrome
Tis monotonous if we forget to dream and wish
Colours deluged many a times
 frame remains colourless 



I offered myself as an offering

On the altar of  beguiled love

Surrendering to the rules of heart

Walked endlessly falling routes

Thorns pierced and so did words

Heart bruised

Wounds opened

Flowers showered when praise showcased

for reason…


Struggling forever

Oh! The petals shriveled and dried the nectar

Colours forgotten and music lost in

Path to heaven.

An offering I made of myself ,

Nothing more to offer

Seasons change

And I remain thus forever.






IMG_20170417_232247Oh ! who understands the serrated pangs of lone soul

betwixt the gaps of words and intermittently flowing ink

which respires

Living on the feeds of meager  food of hope

awaits for a golden dawn in lap of nature…

the lone anklet beckons and sings

fables of  fulfillment

under the twinkled envelope of  desire

and peeps the moon

through grey clouds

for a glimpse of  that

intrinsic ornament  in silver …





the silent throbbing of heart

whose melody is unheard

longs the yearning in unspoken notes

when will the mingling breaths conjure ?


Like two souls lost in a solitary desert

beneath this canopy of stars

Oh ! why do I stand alone again

Whence the peeping  moon

quietly hides behind the  grey clouds

and  vanishes

one tiny drop curls and slides

etching a  dry line

every night thus

my eyes silently witness


“Suroor of the Soul”- Now on Kindle

Hi friends !

With the Kindle version of “Suroor of the Soul ” coming, we feel the book will reach thousands who were not able to get the book delivered at their destinations. Also the evolving trend of  digitization has made things simpler at many places, even in my country where a click can bring things at your doorstep.

Hope the journey of “Suroor of the Soul” continues by spreading the fragrance of illumined realization.

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We both, Shaheen and me wish you all a blissful journey and a Happy Reading !


Soumya & Shaheen

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