(photocredit: the divine light)

Tempered becomes the soul,

whilst it gets heated and burnt like a coal,

in the furnace of life,

with times  of pain and  sorrows ,



Enduring becomes the entity,

which gets submerged in the glory  of Thee,

forgetting the rest around,

It surrenders itself in  HIS lotus feet.


Tears of sorrow,or tears of joy,

are only for the divine tie,

where yearning of the soul is for …

to be a part of HIS  celestial being…


A ray of happiness and bliss shines

glowing the heart radiantly suffice,

as it gets embraced by

the Eternal Master of the Divine Oceanic Stream.


Nothing affects the noble soul,

pain or pleasure,

wealth or glamour poured,

sinking in the love of God,

becomes its  ecstatic moment…

 to enthrall…