A wrap of the blue envision,

green velvety carpet beneath the feet,

invisible breeze to let me breathe,

shower of pearls as the colourless flowing stream …

The soul needs only this,

Perplexed …

It watches the mind chasing delusive things!


Amidst the nature it restores and lives,

the euphonic music play tunes beguiling,

Crystal clear colours sparkle,

In the soul of atmosphere!

Why does the human then dips himself …

in the false illusory dream surreal,

when inspite of possessing every treasure,

the heart pines for the unknown pleasure!





With the blanket of love and tender touch,

you warm my coldness with the rug,

My heart had freezed with cold of pain,

aching  spirit  ,soul disdain…

I looked up whenever in distress,

finding none who could realize the same,

I always found the smiling you,

observing me from a distant place…

As I become weary in the scorching sun,

You shade like a  tree in my way,

Thirsty I become in the  dry,

you drench me with the falling rain!

When I dream of a thought,

and hope to aspire,

you pave path for me…

to realize the wish…! 

When I get lost and fatigue …

You give me comfort ,

giving me rest…

Infusing more enthusiasm..

and the zeal of living providing me  a fresh inhale!