Why do we have to close our eyes,

as if nothing happened,

the morning still looks fresh,

even if the heart got trampled…?

Why is it that we have to sing,

the melodies sweet and cheery,

when the song that rings in our ears,

is a  severed sad  symphony…?

Why do we take a step ahead

to express our emotions,

when  at last we do know,

there’s  no value for any affectionate potion?

Why do we love every soul that

we come across,

when we know our soul

shall be bruised..

while filling the love’s chasm…?




It is becoz

You’re the one who has a golden heart,

 love and compassion,

warmth and affection

are  the diamonds studded in your core !



40 thoughts on “BeCoz’

  1. Wow this is really wonderful! Why it is because….you are the one who has golden heart….love it Soumya! You have a golden heart too…full of love and compassion. God bless u.

  2. This is from life, don’t know if it is applicable to all, but I believe you are there among those for whom this is right. For all the ‘whys’ the answer is here “You’re the one who has a golden heart”…..Nice poem

  3. There are those who know the only way to know true love is to risk being completely cut open. But, ahhhh………..what a wonderful cut tis is. Much love ever, Bobbie

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