An Ocean of love,

like  a pearl of wisdom,

a river of affection,

a tree of protection.

firm as  a mountain,

soft as the melting wax,

Radiate as the sun,

 soothing as the moon,

sparkle like a diamond,

burn like a  coal to fuel the soul.





The  flower of joy,

with  the fragrance of  musk,

the muse of  my verse

the life of my spirit

enkindled within,

smile of  innocence…

affectionate ,


burning  ember  of my heart,

the  presence of an angel in a human form.



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47 thoughts on “BE LIKE …

  1. How lovely this is! To embrace one’s muse. To find comfort and solace and a soothing rhythm of hope in the heart of another. There is something so mystifying about love. Yet something so very physical in the metaphors we employ to express it.

    • For more than expressing we try to manifest it in everything and we end up using physical metaphors for such expressions.There is something unique about love,it is a feeling,an emotion,a virtue and a vibration… so the mystery continues. Thanks for sharing your feelings George!

  2. Soumya! It’s just so lovely…every word. I am not so expressive with words but I can surely tell that every time I read your lovely words gives me wonderful feeling…heart touching.

  3. How beautiful, Soumyav. I grieve for those who do not, but rejoice in the rare ones who know love, who understand it. Who freely give of themselves, asking only for a soft place to fall. I love this! ~ Ever, Bobbie

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