She was the most attractive among the ones present here this evening.

It was a special evening when millions of people  would flock in.She was smiling ,her freshness and fragrance made her look more exotic.Onlookers always stopped for a moment before walking on to have a gaze at her.

5pm. The band started  with their welcome song,the orchestra of the dressed was nevertheless melodious and inspiring.The atmosphere got electrified . The crowd had begun to sway in with the music with their eyes wet and hearts paining.

In a few minutes,it was announced ,”As a tribute to the soldiers who died courageously fighting for their country forgetting their about lives and saving millions of people from the attacking terror,we would like to present the medals of honor to the families of the soldiers posthumously,which would include a recognition¬† and the gallantry medals for their valor.

“Before that let us pay them our homage by laying this beautiful wreath on the sacred place .Let the fragrance and innocent blessings of the flowers be showered on their souls to rest them in peace.”

The corsage was kept on the altar.And she lay their smiling in solace with pride and peace.