Achieve your targets by simply following a few points!

Diary of a mind

Whether you are a businessman or an executive working for an esteemed company, whether you own a small shop or are a salesman knocking doors every afternoon, the hanging sword for everyone is the same! SALES TARGET!

Remember the days you had a smooth time working with people around and could achieve your monthly figures quite easily ,those days seem to have vanished. The scenario has changed to the increasing competition in the market and the upcoming trends. Everyday a new invention or a gadget is introduced in the market ,or a company launches a product that claims to be different form the other prevailing one ! The race for being on the top increases its speed and the urge to excel and be different is never-ending!

Few years ago ,the times were different and neither there was any such slit throat competition nor had the dominating, supremely efficient…

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In the river  holy and pure,

flowing through the high terrains,

I dipped my spirit into it  to bathe

my sins got wiped

having a glimpse of her divine state…


she absorbed the worldly  charms with her

carried them forth…

to purify the iniquity…

washing the muck feet

that stepped in her waters…

…soiling her existence in



Quietly she cleanses

the dirt stuck,

revered is her entity

on earth.


In raucous   times ,

her flow becomes strident,

vociferously she roars then,

to let the souls hear her agony,

finding her children

in cark off shore…


She acts vehemently ,raging

waves to swallow

every stone…

When  mankind violates 

her flow and course,

bringing disgrace

to the Universe!!