“Ego & Love “

“EGO & LOVE “fidgety fretful , always had been his heart he threw tantrums whilst, love wept and scattered like shards stamping arrogance he displayed in a corner few tears she shed… a silver bowl that bedecked overflowed with pearls precious… what a paradox epiphany in delusion he flaunts false pride of translucent treasures in… Read More “Ego & Love “

Tireless eyes-

Tireless eyes– watch the setting sun’s scarlet mask a young morn, enfurling petals The lonesome cacti in sordid desert orchids blossoming as fragranced love in cold hearts of summer… What if they become tired and close for few moments Nay! The noisy chaotic shimmer of dutibound survival shall enforce them to be wide open… not… Read More Tireless eyes-


  Isn’t the orchid pale today or the azure lost its hues in frosty weather the pink lilies too seem dull when the dusk appears little purple than the scarlet pier…usual forgotten in dead remains as ashes they scatter in dust reminiscences of the beloveds who died one fateful night last summer… again prevails the… Read More PURPLE

Floweth like wind!

shone the glow of your face in shimmering sparkles Ya !  I am stupefied, charmed by the smile of your grandeur… Floweth like wind, who caressing the soft temple my brows are jealous whisked out quickly the kiss between their splendor. the penetrating feel of the affection, a simple peck imprinted on wall of adoration.… Read More Floweth like wind!

On that perch!

O! The singing herald chirp on that perch which awaits the sunshine and seeks hope… on the branch emerged few new leaves tender  and fluorescent green… no, it still isn’t that strong enough to hold the nest of life, yet it remains unbent and straight in days of storm and strife… Withering season marked the… Read More On that perch!

Souls in transcendence!

on the falling and rising tidal waves amidst the rough climate surpassing every storm and  hazy days through silent, restless nights… after years of deplorable moments… wandered through the dense darkened forests searching for the soul close and intimate… the lonesome hearts sought for real happiness… wrenched by twists of life, in clenched fists of… Read More Souls in transcendence!