“A glass of tap water might contain millions of germs in it, whether it is from surface or underground water”.


Water is the most essential and life sustaining drink for every living being. It acts as a solvent to all bodily solutes. But it also contains traces of contaminants of physical, chemical, or microbiological nature which when consumed can be life threatening to our health resulting in innumerable diseases.



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Due to the increased pollutants, river water is getting contaminated with dissolved impurities, bacteria and viruses. Since rivers are not able to fulfill drinking water demands, the municipal corporations supply water from ground-wells, which generally contain high levels of dissolved impurities that we commonly call as Khaara paani. In multi-storied buildings one does not get tap water supply from municipal corporations, instead the water is stored in overhead storage tanks, which is usually a breeding ground for bacteria & viruses.

Tests have been conducted in several cities across the country, which verify the presence of hazardous chemicals, pesticides, fecal wastes, and pollutants in varied percentage in the tap water that runs in every household. Depending on the geographical and biological conditions, the toxicity may vary, however presence of even minute toxic elements in water renders it completely unsafe to drink.


So a glass of water from a luxurious apartment or a house in a village can be equally dangerous if not purified properly!






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Therefore, it is essential to treat the water we drink by certain processes to ensure complete elimination of all contaminants. Most of the systems available in the market target only select type of contaminants and are completely ineffective against dissolved impurities. It is important for us to investigate a little before choosing an effective water treatment system.


Kent RO Systems Ltd has one of the most efficient processes to eliminate all the impurities present in water and to retain the minerals as well. Kent’s patented Mineral RO technology provides double purification of RO + UV + UF, which removes even dissolved impurities such as chemicals and salts. The TDS controller maintains essential natural minerals, thereby providing 100% pure, safe & tasty drinking water, which is ideal for consumption.

For a progressing country, health and hygiene of every citizen is important which can be aimed by providing crystal clear drinking water to every household. Kent’s water purifiers ensure 100% purity of water and we don’t need to think twice before taking a sip from the glass of water!



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