close enough to hear your breath,

warmed by your feelings affectionate,

cruising on the sail of life,

in your arms in darkness of the night.

enchanting melodies sway my locks,

your graceful touch embraces the fall,

drowning in the emotions flooded,

my heart sings an amorous song!

floating in the land of fantasy,

coming back to the reality,

i find myself in your embrace

sleeping calmly …

in the echoes of the  LIED!


LIED:( german art or  love song!)




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In the middle of the desert,

I stand alone,

amidst the whirling sands of time,

in shape of turbulent sandstorm,

eroding the particles to distant zones…


How far they reach! where from they arrive!

Hitherto was a blanket quiet ,

sometimes cool ,sometimes hot,

where silent golden specks slept,

under the vast expanse .


I gaze in awe ,

I get surprised,

I get frightened…

Standing alone…

in the middle of the desert.


I smile for a while,

I weep in anguish,

I cry in pain,

Still I stand alone…

in the middle of the desert!


Grains of sand  get blown away,

along my sides with friction,

leaving me standing alone…

in the middle of the desert!


Can I get my moment back,

lost in this golden sands,

when I won’t have to

stand alone ..

come whatever can!


those moments of love!

aasaman ke pankh

  अर्जी दी थी हमने भी मगर,ना उसपर कोई करवाई  हुई ,
बैठे रहे तेरे कुचे में आकर ,उम्र यूँ गुजरती गयी,
देखते ही देखते आँखों के चंद लब्ज़ …
बसा गए सपनों का जहां,
मगर हकीकत बनने से पहले
वो चंद लब्ज़ , इतिहास में समा गए।

राह पर तेरी हम फूल बीछा गए,
इत्र के बदले अपने प्यार की कुछ बूँदें छलका गए,
इस उम्मीद में , की,
जब कभी गुजरे तुम्हारी हस्ती
इस राह से,
याद दिला  दे तम्हारे दिल को …
वो लम्हे प्यार के!

ये  हवा की नमी ,चंद बारिश की बूँदें,
गवाह रहे इस तरन्नुम के,
की ज़िन्दगी निकाल  दी  यूँ,
हमने तेरे दर पे,
जाते जाते
सजा गए  गुलशन को तेरे ,
हम  अपने रंग से!
हो सके महसूस कर लेना
वो लम्हे प्यार के!



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My 500th post *** DAISIES ***




Little daisies pink and white,

blooming and dancing under the skies,

dangling on the delicate stems,

kissed by the song of the gentle air….

Up they look and adore the blue,

smile and shy..

with a look demure,

around the bushes,

few butterflies swirl,

a bumble bee plunges for the nectar!

Slowly  curling the folds,

blushingly turn into crimsons,

What passionate love of thy mute flowers…

buzzing the bumble bee flies away

with the song!





In the silence , a heart beats,

Resounding love…

Faith conquers…

Defeating fear

Marching forth

Hate goes retreating!


Bugles blow,

Trumpets sound,

Fleeting joy of triumph

Of  the soul

That fought …

Against the greatest odds.

Never stopped

Or lost the ground,

Invincible it stood like a rock,

In times of dangerous tear,

Shearing the forces

Marching ahead…

Tough and like a chiseled spear!


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Mightier than the sword,

Is the written word…?

Changing the mind

Of thousands,

Affecting the thoughts,

Touching the hearts deeply…

Is the word carved!

Blood as its ink,

Feelings as the breath,

Emotions instilled


Imagination is etched!

Be aware of the power

A word has,

Which can tumble empires

And create unrest,                                                                       

Let its intensity,

Influence to bring peace…

To every soul of this world

Spreading consciousness …to heal and live.




The fleeting ship drifts  swiftly in the ocean,

 majestically wading through the mighty waves,

facing the winds vigorously ,

heading towards a  faraway destination…


The gigantic mast blows with the  wind,

navigating the direction ,

equilibrating the speed,

on the voyage … in search of the horizon,

where  sun and the earth meet .


over the smoothly moving ship,

 suddenly  grey clouds  hover,

darkening the path …

visibility becomes blurr…


In the storm of the raging fears,

the ship of life  quivers,

apprehending to get abandoned ,

The belief becomes shaky and wavers…


How to escape the unknown tempest,

what to  hold onto in the darkest,

no light to guide or steer the wheel…

The mind becomes pessimistic.


When the last thread of hope breaks,

when knowledge dissolves in the rage,

a twinkling light flashes across,

A lighthouse is seen in the midst of the waves…




Daily Prompt: Shipwrecked!.

We all strive for success ! Here are few simple ways that lead to success!

Diary of a mind

To be successful is what we all aspire!

Our dreams are unlimited and so are our desires.The never ending craving for possessing anything that we do not have is a natural human tendency.

Howsoever satisfied a person is, there are always innumerable wants .

The biggest and the greatest wish is of being successful. What is ” success” and why are we so much after it?

Does success means achieving a certain high-end ambition of life or reaching the topmost place of a Fortune 500 company or accumulating wealth which is sufficient enough for your next generations or is it the fame and name that makes you famous?

Each one of us is chasing one of this dreams.But this isn’t success.These are mere achievements.

Success can be defined as a work ,an action, a deed done with full fervor and zeal , as perfectly as you can to get the…

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Of the whispers that I hear

in music of the wind,

beckoning me!

To fields of swaying joy

under the open sky,

I breathe gayly…

In blithe I close my eyes,

to listen

to your gentle voice…

Amidst the green meadow,

a butterfly comes beside,

to touch and kiss me

a sweet lullaby…

I discover you

in the melody

of  its hummed song…

I get absorbed

and soak my heart

in  memories

of your love.


 She walked down in a trance,
transcending  in a world of her own…
straight to the brook flowing beside…
which played melodious  music of the gushing pour!
She halted beneath a blossomed tree,
shedding its lovely petals and leaves,
Like a carpet of satin feathers spread
over the grass  in few minutes…Spreading her cascade of lavender,
she started playing with the gems scattered,
breaking and mixing,with her fingers tenderly…

Hours passed,she was still engrossed,
in her colourful dreams and thoughts,
as the azure turned into red,
the soft breeze became more intense,
her golden locks flowed and kissed…
her strawberry coloured soft  cheeks .

Her woolgathering came to an end,
as if she was aware of the trend,
slowly she gathered her robe,
stood and started walking down
the trodden road,
suddenly a flash of light appeared,
two beautiful silver wings emerged,
protruding from her skin beneath,

and soon she flew away …
dissolving in the crimson..
and disappeared!