Thy sobriquet

plucked I from the garden of epithets a wondrous appellation Sapphire! Thy sobriquet, I sway gently in thy ecstatic kingdom leaning against the sweet whisperings of thine creations In moments together sitting parallel across the seven oceans yet under the same vast expanse, Thee soaking in the golden sun, while I drench myself in monsoon… Read More Thy sobriquet


WAILS Prevails the monotonous rhythm , whence drags the mind the fettering body to duties unattended lonesome soul tired limbs dreary mind how much to pull and get off the plight… a page is torn lying on the floor it mocks every tile of the loss and cries heaven to flood the earth more… numb… Read More WAILS

“Ego & Love “

“EGO & LOVE “fidgety fretful , always had been his heart he threw tantrums whilst, love wept and scattered like shards stamping arrogance he displayed in a corner few tears she shed… a silver bowl that bedecked overflowed with pearls precious… what a paradox epiphany in delusion he flaunts false pride of translucent treasures in… Read More “Ego & Love “

the random conversation misty eyes choked voice in midst of inner chaotic silence affirmative or prerogative one word replies emotions suffocated strangled in a knot the lily beside, pleaded few more moments sought hesitatingly I nodded henceforth lone will be the journey lone will be the path under the blue as two souls walk apart.


I have lost my pen its nib – golden once scribbled ceaselessly while the world retired to the cushion of comfort every night the quill loved to brush against the papyrus…   leaking on blank pages the painful emotions which were witness of sordid transitions helplessly, yet as a powerful weapon narrating every encounter thus… Read More THE LOST PEN