“Other side”

DSCF6205beneath that blueness does life smile

like the pretty lilies enraptured dance

does the rivulet sing

songs of love

can it dissolve the pain

of burning years

which path shall reach to this realm

where pure would be the air

and clear emotions,

O! thee!

will thou lead me to other side into this heaven ?

@Soumya V

Paths of time

and thus ends the day

with a warm cup of coffee in my cold hands

near the cosy fireplace I sit and write…

tis the cold gust of wind rushing through

the tiniest split , between that of the old wooden door…

While it shivers my spine for a moment

and freezes the slender fingers

secluded from your embrace this night.

Hasn’t the aroma of delicacies relished your appetite

tis music time of nature outside…

the fragrance of exotic flowers and the light smell of secreted

fir bark and pines…

wish I to walk amidst these forests

you beside me

and us

treading on paths of time.

©Soumya V


O ! Sleep !

O ! Sleep! where art thou hidden
behind the grey clouds hovering on my terrace
or beneath the deep sparkling ocean,
Where have thou disappeared
from this zephyr
while I await with dark eyes
thy arrival…
I don’t wish to be cradled
neither be sung , lilting songs of birds
in between sighs of my existence...

Where art thou,
O ! Sleep!
here Iam abandoned…
amidst the crowd of blabbering talk
amongst the noise of endless screeches
embrace me in thy arms
to take along
in thy realm…
wher art thou ! O ! sleep!
miles away a twinkle,I glimpse
come to me ,in silent steps…
under the satin spread of stars heavenly…


“Tangles of Jealousy”

oh ! the tangles of jealousy,

where doth they drive one


the dark cave of hatred and false ecstasy…

how the heart like a chameleon turns

red ,sometimes bitter green…

Oh ! narrow minded alleys of such hearts

beware, thy happiness is momentary.. for

love in drops of divine

immaculate and selfless

is eternal and endless…

blossoms which on every perch is life

while moss forms on stagnant minds…

Try  ways

and acts

O! jealousy!

thy face will always be  decked

with superficial jewels

and a clear heart

will bejewel truth for serenity

©Soumya V