photocredit:stylonica.com Howsoever far soars the bird It has to return to its nest in time… Like a wandering nomad roams through Yet tents in places at a specific time… As a traveler, the soul voyages on earth before its assimilation with divine… When the azure turns dark and the leaves shrivel in autumn time Or… Read More Time

The Old Tale

photocredit:www.pinterest.com Hence the old  tale  revives from the night of dead been in exile for moments gasps and breathes well in time had a second been delayed it would have faded the fascinating tale.. nope! it can’t cease as the mystical saga liveth within the soil is  deep for the eternal lyrics respire  while the… Read More The Old Tale

Hark! O! Soliloquy

photocredit:www.magic4walls.com hark ! O! soliloquy Thy name is chiseled in the rock of life ‘s fate. the running stream of dubious troubles,separation, conflicts quarrels or discomfort can’t erode the tender surface of love and trust ever. knotted together we, in the lacy ribbon faith and destiny play together. … A chord struck mellifluous O! thy… Read More Hark! O! Soliloquy


photocredit: googleimages   In the catacomb lies the book undusted,flipping pages across folds of time… in sepulcher rest myriad thoughts buried emotions locked inside the heart’s vault’ in labyrinth , like a untangled mesh they lived weltered amidst the scallop of mess… kabbalistic the epitaph on the stone reclines in slumber the manuscript.