The arrow knoweth not,

where  to hit

when to dart ,

with what speed,

the string is the one which pulls it strong,

giving the force to dash across

oblivious of the focus along…

The aim creates illusion of multitude,

confusing the arrow and the bow

in longitude…

What shall then make the target hit,

a steady hand or a focused mind to read,

the right moment

or the accurate pull or the perfect resile?

Configuring the three in a stream,

converging the aim to a point of dream,

surrendering himself to the invisible hands,

the archer

forgets the  chaotic unrest

Reassured and guaranteed,

that the aim will be  hit,

in the perfect moment

to enjoy the bliss.




Quiet ,silent moments,

staring at the moon I suppress,

infinite emotions perturbed,

those got buried

within the deep bosom…

for the breeze flowed

and brushed

the feelings that I nurture

that are never realized at par.


When the night gracefully moves

the waves within do suffer a deluge,

how long before  final moment to come,

how far I wander

with the bruised soul,

comforting the pain ,

soothing the wounds,

when shall the

air of false hope

finally burst!


Nox is the witness

for the solitude,

reigning the time

when thoughts are in multitude.

The dawn breaks

the darkened image.

A ray of hope again reflects,

for the change

that is unseen,

with many promises

yet to be fulfilled…










 A thickened smog spreads
visibility  ends,
should a ray of light
guide the world,
through the dense barricade.
darkened life,
horrific surroundings ,
humans cease to live
conscience within if  guides the way,
doomed is the future of the earth

Cannibals existed  in prehistoric times,
stone age showed the evolution sign,
centuries took to origin of species,
transforming and being phylogenetic,
the path suddenly seems reversed,
or is it lost in the shrouded cover,
every corner speaks of power,
chaos ruling minds of Bedlam.

where is the destination of this voyage,
the smothering dark cloud of rage and wrath suffocates,
shearing this impenetrable  isn’t easy,
who will be then taking the initiative?
generations will swipe away thus,
will anything be left called mankind ever?


About Soumya:

I know Soumya via WordPress. She writes amazing poetry in English and Hindi alike. As a person, she’s super cute…

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A drop of the sweet  honey

has  million of atoms…

Of love and the amorous communion…

A tale of  ardor  feelings

Of  the gorgeous flower and bee,

Or a ripened fruit tasted by the bee while in its dream…

Basking in the florescence,

dancing to the tunes amorous,

savor the sapidness

dipped in the ecstasy of nectar,

the Queen bee emanates,

the essence of the eternal

dwelling in each molecule of the air!


 I dedicate this post to my husband who celebrates his 40th birthday today.A wish for him in words from my heart!

My husband Aniruddha with our kids!
My husband Aniruddha with our kids!


This night I sit and write ,


a new and bright life

to make you smile,

which will fill happiness

in your heart and make you sway…

on the music of  love,

soothing  your bruised small world,

bringing forth a golden shine…

to illuminate your way and dreams so bright…

 As you walk the journey forth ,

I stand beside …

your hands I hold,

imparting you feeling of  warmth ..

in times of cold and rough storm,

solacing you in my arms

for you’re the one

for whom I am  born…

to love your soul and your  life…

to be blessed

to be your wife.



The search for the unknown continues…

groping in the dark ,

fumbling in the blues,

walking forth in light,

ahead lies a horizon,

a mirage…

an illusion,

a hallucination …

which moves away and vanishes,

as I try to touch

with my fingers…

The colored  sky envelopes ,

speaking volumes of mute varsity,

reflecting  images of the world,

unknowingly …

I  think again,

how would be

 my tryst with destiny…

Destiny which like a veiled maiden,

conceals  her gorgeous face,

playing hide and seek

with  enchanting eyes,

whenever I try to find her trace ,

Through the golden mist,

She becomes obscure

the unknown search continues…forever.




She was the most attractive among the ones present here this evening.

It was a special evening when millions of people  would flock in.She was smiling ,her freshness and fragrance made her look more exotic.Onlookers always stopped for a moment before walking on to have a gaze at her.

5pm. The band started  with their welcome song,the orchestra of the dressed was nevertheless melodious and inspiring.The atmosphere got electrified . The crowd had begun to sway in with the music with their eyes wet and hearts paining.

In a few minutes,it was announced ,”As a tribute to the soldiers who died courageously fighting for their country forgetting their about lives and saving millions of people from the attacking terror,we would like to present the medals of honor to the families of the soldiers posthumously,which would include a recognition  and the gallantry medals for their valor.

“Before that let us pay them our homage by laying this beautiful wreath on the sacred place .Let the fragrance and innocent blessings of the flowers be showered on their souls to rest them in peace.”

The corsage was kept on the altar.And she lay their smiling in solace with pride and peace.




Why do we have to close our eyes,

as if nothing happened,

the morning still looks fresh,

even if the heart got trampled…?

Why is it that we have to sing,

the melodies sweet and cheery,

when the song that rings in our ears,

is a  severed sad  symphony…?

Why do we take a step ahead

to express our emotions,

when  at last we do know,

there’s  no value for any affectionate potion?

Why do we love every soul that

we come across,

when we know our soul

shall be bruised..

while filling the love’s chasm…?




It is becoz

You’re the one who has a golden heart,

 love and compassion,

warmth and affection

are  the diamonds studded in your core !





An Ocean of love,

like  a pearl of wisdom,

a river of affection,

a tree of protection.

firm as  a mountain,

soft as the melting wax,

Radiate as the sun,

 soothing as the moon,

sparkle like a diamond,

burn like a  coal to fuel the soul.





The  flower of joy,

with  the fragrance of  musk,

the muse of  my verse

the life of my spirit

enkindled within,

smile of  innocence…

affectionate ,


burning  ember  of my heart,

the  presence of an angel in a human form.




Millions of stars weep today in this hour of sleep,

when drops of tear drench the  soul,

twinkle of the hope gets  bleak,

for  in this moment the time freezes ,

when you move out of my sphere…

Letting your hands go off my hold,

your touch dampens my sense,

My heart echoes with your words,

“I have to leave you my love ,

bereaved and bereft.”

Dispersed are the shards of my heart,

loosely in  the air,

flinging across thousand oceans ,

colourless and lovelorn…

My feelings will now be buried within,

the pristine thoughts  shall  be entombed,

for my voice can never reach you …

Only my verses will  live forever.