WEEKLY PHOTO CHALLENGE : MY2012 in pictures!

A beautiful way of presenting the last year before you as suggested by this week’s photo challenge!

The pictures are random and just outline the way I had my 2012! enjoy watching them!

Global village,Dubai DSCF0316 DSCF0366 DSCF0499 DSCF0554 DSCF0905 the outer view :the blue mosque looks white in snow! Inside Hagia sofia mosque,Istanbul Taksim square Basilica Cistern DSCF1476 Bosphorus bridge DSCF1520 DSCF1627 DSCF1631 DSCF1773 DSCF1848 DSCF1875 fireworks bangalore lonavala,MUmbai P1000810


Weekly Photo Challenge: My 2012 in Pictures.


Sweep aside the fears with the broom of your hope,

let the breeze bring in more flowers of joy with her,

sprinkling over the path , diffusing fragrance all over…


Wipe away the tears and the bad times off your heart,

Let the new morning bring a golden light dawned,

Spreading brightness in minds ,illuminating the dark ones…



Join the lines of nature amidst the chaotic world,

Let the surrounding fill in your life with serene air,

Balancing the differential  tides at any temperature…


Paint your imaginations with more colours of wisdom,

let the season bring in the freshness in large measures,

resonating the atmosphere with happiness and pleasure…


Dream of  a beautiful picture 

On the plain canvas of your life,

May God complete the image…

With his perfect envision and

make it divine !









From the darkness of minds where we are perishing,

lead us to love and light,

with the rope of trust and faith,

bring us out of the ravine…


Enough !!! We have been shaken,

by the tremors of the savaged creatures,

lift everyone of us …

from this drenching muck !


When nothing in the existence

can propel the change,

A thought from the conscience ,

shall pave the way…

Make us strong and courageous…

To face this brutality ..

and challenge its game!


Where is the path that I walked on…

disappeared in the thick  fog or the smoke …

Lost under the layers of dust …

where thousands of feet had trodden ….


The one that lead to you,

with peaceful vibrancy,

calming sun,

breeze of tranquil air flowing,

no hatred or wrath …

no fury or anger…


The one which we were proud of ,

which binded every human …

from every corner of the world…

to remind that ..

humanity is the best religion!


The one where new souls arrived and welcomed with fervor,

irrespective of the gender that were…

both walked on the path …

with utmost harmony and honor…


Why did the way vanish somewhere,

or we lost its track…

When shall we walk forth on it…

dwelling on this land … peacefully inhabit! 

keep the fire ablaze!

aasaman ke pankh

ना रोकना इस जज्बे को जो निकला है अपना रूतबा लिए,
आत्मसम्मान के इस लडाई में रख अपने शीश उठाये हुए,
कभी कभी ही ऐसे जोश में रहता है इंसान यहाँ,
बुझने न देना इस आग को जबतक न हो इन्साफ यहाँ .
बदल के रखेंगे हम हवाओं की दिशा जो हमसे टकराएगी,
देश के लिए मरना जाने तो क्या अपना हक न मांग पाएंगी ,
जागो सोये हुए लोगों ,घर तुम्हारा भी जल जाएगा ,
अगर न मोड़ा इस आंधी को तो सर्वस्व ही मिट जाएगा।
आँखें खोलो ,मन से सोचो ,क्या ऐसी दुनिया हम चाहेंगे,
मनुष्य जहाँ बना जानवर ,जंगल राज में खुला हुआ, 
शर्म गृना से झुक  गया सर   … ऐसा काम न अब हो,
वर्ना महाभारत भी यहीं हुआ था  … भूलना मत ये दोस्तों।

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Infinitesimal minute molecules dispersed,

as the spray of  romance got diffused!

spreading and disseminating

love particles

 in the vacuumed pathetic atmosphere !

Filling the void of the space,

 that lived  without the moisten,

The enchantment of the passion

 livened up the spirit for the growing absorption !

Magical is the fascination of the invisible bask,

enthralling ones who are within…

the circle of the trance!

Captivating the senses five …

en- kindling  the flame…

Ever enrapturing  are the molecules of love that get sprayed!


She won’t R.I.P untill their conscience is ripped apart!


She was 23. She dies with a pain in her soul. Fighting continously for her life since the last fortnight the gangrape victim who was brutally assaulted and thrown out of moving bus ,who suffered multiple organ failure other than the mental trauma and the physical ones, expired this morning.

She won’t rest in peace untill the conscience of each one of us is ripped apart. Crimes have happened ,sins too ,but never before was  such an outcry seen on the streets of Delhi,the heart of India. The vociferation was loud ,unanimous and active emerging straight from the veins of the body, the chords of the heart. For every heinous offense had been silently dead in the grave ,this one aggravated as the victim faced and fought bravely with her life and society to bring to the light the deathly sinful act.

Who is to be blamed is a debatable topic! the society, the people, the upbringing,mental conditions, abused past, psychological cases, insecurity, over indulgence…whatever, anything doesn’t  give the license to rape any girl ! No amount of excuse or situation justifies such an act!

Long before we realize that such circumstances and instances end up our system, our society and the trust for humans itself,its high time to voice the anger and the fury in every possible way to obtain and regain the free and secured life that we have the right for in our own country.

What shocks more is the politics of the Indian system that abstains every politician from expressing and thinking about such a grave situation and which in due course has killed their conscience. The persons we elect or elected,whoever represents the larger sections of our society in the centre or outside India are afraid, ashamed, hesitating or refraining from expressing their feelings? Or they have no anguish about what happened?

What a waste of our valuable votes and faith that we laid in their hands to run our government whether in power or in opposition? Do we need to guide them or tell the diplomats who handle the international affairs how and what to do to tackle such a situation?

Rather than taking diplomatic steps and stating hypocritical comments ,they need to show some sense of responsibility and leadership values due to which presumably we have accepted them as our leaders.

A kingdom is doomed to end ,when the king and his government are no longer able to safeguard his subjects from the atrocious crimes and when nothing is done to prevent or stop such attacks.

Before the girl ,whom we all proudly want to proclaim as  India’s daughter becomes Kannagi of Madurai! who had cursed the once beautiful city to turn down to ashes due to wrong judgement which had cost her beloved’s life, its time to give her soul justice and the respect that she deserved.

Wake up ! the dead souls of India! Wake up the leaders ,

Where do you strangle and hide ?

In such a grievous inscribe?

Show us your presence ,

Reassure we aren’t wrong,

Guide the nation on a path,

where we wont be ashamed of what and who we are?



With the setting sun the saffron radiance dissolved in the atmosphere,the darkness of the skies engulfed the ambience. Sooner or later , there was supposed to be a full moon light,where luminous effulgence bathed the world dispelling all the darker chimes. 

Untill then when the cycle completes ,the fortnight slowly walks and creeps ,every night will see the iniquity ,each hour of the dark will  reflect immorality.

Nox , must never had dreamt of such evil shadowing her beauty,but the minds of  many individuals have littered the charismatic visual.

Steadily as the moon grows each night, a ray of hope emerges and twinkles to shine with a faith in the heart that the lucent one shall dawn with wisdom and some conscience reflected onto every soul,that walk devoid of these for ages unseen.

Amongst the dead maze of the authoritative positions, with confusion in thoughts and prevalence of cannibals ,what a life shall the soul live amidst such barbarous ones, untill it armours self with a self defined preposition. Where the head is held high with conviction , mind alert in any contradictions, heart immersed in faith and hope, body ready to defend and guard itself from any aggressive force.

Bedecked and panoplied with every jewel of  life, we await the refulgence of the full moon night!

When the day will have the golden sunshine and night shall bring silvery shine!

When any hour of the whole day shall never make us succumb to fall as prey! 

With trustfulness and belief in self, I stand here praying for every generation! 




If your feathers ever fall off

from your colourful plumage,

due to pricking

or pulling of your mane,

or because of harsh ill stricken ways,

don’t lose your heart…

let the fallen feathers find their way…

For you will have the new fresh ones..

growing sooner within days of sun and few drops of rain!


Let the feathers become strong 

and again magnificent to face a storm,

Fly back with the grace you own…

and the newly born courage! 


Make them the fierce fighters …

who can withstand any situation,

lashing back at the hands…

that lay on them even from unknown destinations,

Make them sharp and vibrant…

that everyone is struck with awe…

by seeing the beauty reflecting

and the fierceness

of the flying fledges…

along all the walls ,

that you come across! 




Taking a short break!



Hi ! everyone ! 

Time for a short break ! And so I would be away for the next few days from the world of blogging! Will surely come back to all your posts that I shall be missing!

There wont be possibly any internet connection at my place of stay and probably I will be getting busier too! 

 I know there will be lots of excitement in the coming week of the Christmas and so beautiful thoughts and articles would be popping in! As for me I shall be back with new thoughts, fresh emotions and beautiful pictures to share with you all! Till then enjoy my old verses !

Wish you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Happy blogging! 
Lots of hugs and love,