ASK THE EYES ask the eyes that saw the black nights of hunger the only shelter, broken thatched torn rag and a sole shrouded cover. ask the eyes which witnessed death while bloomed the buds in innocence toiled hands at work to earn and fill one’s stomach ask the eyes those which wept in loneliness fought… Read More ASK THE EYES

The flames!

Ravishing, the tender filaments , those which tie the twin souls often swayed which in  breeze of amor dipped in pool of sacred nectar… unraveling the knots of past and present which were long forgotten vis a vis ,the flames of destiny burning on the candle of verve …

Floweth like wind!

shone the glow of your face in shimmering sparkles Ya !  I am stupefied, charmed by the smile of your grandeur… Floweth like wind, who caressing the soft temple my brows are jealous whisked out quickly the kiss between their splendor. the penetrating feel of the affection, a simple peck imprinted on wall of adoration.… Read More Floweth like wind!


PAINTING On fingertips , smudged is colour of the ethereal , rouging over a blank canvas images of illusory candidness emerge… gradual strokes, the tender touch makes silky smoothed the texture violets, scarlets,lavenders,carmines, sapphires,turquoise brighten the alluring render… a song reverberates in the chamber pounds where the heart in thunder, miss I the enchanter the… Read More Painting!