Thou! Champa!

O! Thou! tranquil peace of my heart I await your presence soak me by thy shower of fragranced love utterly in delight, I whisper! between the breath of mine and thine dances the pulsating heart that which once was mine now adorns as your part! Look! thine magic worked upon the mystique feeling is on… Read More Thou! Champa!

AGE   Age gracefully as, the day transforms which beautifully into  twilight ripens the sky with different hues while  breeze gets pleasant at dusk after being sultry , mature thus like the day which merges with  darkness of night silently awaiting for the new morn to be dawned sleeping in its arms gently !

Thou! Jealousy!

Thou! Jealousy as a veiled maiden deceits… metamorphoses into various shapes changeth appearances lures with exuberant names… lest anyone finds the hidden coquette she overthrows him into the tragic well… Discontented, ever desiring innocence burns out in her lusty eyes she hath destroyed the realms of peace and love playing the fiddle to her  tunes!… Read More Thou! Jealousy!