A small step in the giant leap for changing the present scenario of Humanity.We all are aware of the recent case of Delhi ,which has shaken the faith and trust of people in the security of women in India. Since ages, there have been several issues against females , even in form of foetus or till the end of her life .

“Voices For Damini ” is an initiative taken by Subhabrata Dasgupta ,a simple 22year old person, who got shook by this incident like others and decided to raise a voice to make people aware of the barbarous acts going on around them to prevent such cannibalistic behavior furthermore.He is  supported now by many bloggers and friends who believe that this irrational,radical behaviour of people in our society should change and time has come for the citizens whether young or old to wake up and voice their fears,security,rights and opinions.

Guarding the security and integrity of citizens is the prime  responsibility of any government and system ,but moreover its the sole responsibility of every person to ensure what he owes to the society.

Humanity is shattered seeing all such cases of brutal murder and rapes.Whether  Government needs to change laws and enforce some stricter ones to check the rates of such crimes going up or the reinforcement and implementation of such laws should be done perfectly to curb all the violence against women is something which will be known with time.But at the same time we all need to get aware,to be alert,every moment ,everywhere.Only a law cannot change everything overnight,it will certainly prevent the criminals from repeating such acts,also have a check on the probability of these crimes.

What is required more is the change  in the mindset of everyone to regard and value every woman as a respectable entity and not as a thing of personal use and possession.

We all need to pledge today to help,\ and save every person that we find in any such critical condition anywhere around us…to reinstate the trust of people once again in the value of humanity.We need to ensure that in every house we instill the morals of respecting women not because they being a weaker sex but for their individuality.Respect each person and his/her  integrity.

We as bloggers do have the power of the words with us,that can reach thousands of people  in no time through our work.

So join hands in this noble cause to save the death of humanity.

Include more and more members in this initiative and spread the word of peace and light.

Like we do for any other  award that we receive for our blog, we have created a logo or badge for people who are a part of this initiative. Please paste this on your blog page as a sign of your contribution towards the cause.


There are no rules pertaining to this initiative,you just have to add people who would seem interested in joining hands with us irrespective of caste,creed,gender,nation,religion.Keep on circulating the message throughout and add people to this human chain.Those who are interested in helping us in this noble work and haven’t been included can contact any of the group members on their blog comments.They will be added soon.

I start with:

Subhabrata Dasgupta

Trisha Dey


Kenny Beechmount







Every contributor is precious and his/her contribution towards the society be  in any  form of views,opinions,suggestions,advices alongwith any form of work in the field that happens in your area,neighbourhood ,city,state will be welcomed and certainly bring a change .Keep everyone updated with your alertness and be a part of constructing a NEW ,BETTER , PEACEFUL AND POWERFUL INDIA !

41 thoughts on “VOICES FOR DAMINI- Join hands for humanity

  1. Its so nice to see this badge! Thank u Soumya for helping us with this 🙂
    But I had one query, don’t we need the HTML code for adding this badge to our blog?

    1. no trisha! you just copy this image on your desktop and upload in you media library.Update your widgets settings thruimage and copy paste the url link into it to display the logo

      1. Will do , although my views are different .. I was part of a movement when things happened in Guwahati.. no one remembers that now ..

        that is the biggest problem we have , WE forget and move on ..

        Also my view is that along with the rapists its the people around who are more guilty of the crime , I read a new today in Times of india how there were about 50 autorickshaw guys who saw the girl and the boy being thrown out of the bus and YET DID nothing .. Its them who are more GUILTY then the criminals..

        1. I agree with you Bikram! and Yes we are not just to talk here about the criminals.also about everyone around those who shut their eyes and cease to be humans. Its for the awareness of such people more ! alongwith the rest

  2. Thank you for giving it a little space on your blog. To all the readers of this blog, I wish to talk to you for a bit –

    1. Join VOICES FOR DAMINI on facebook.
    2. Share this post on facebook, twitter, g+
    3. Contribute article on crimes against women at subhodasgupta16@gmail.com. They will be posted at VOICES FOR DAMINI section at my blog.
    Thank you.

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