rumblings few cannot deter the elan the zeal borne out of enthusiasm and charm betwixt the intervals by trepid  interruptions wins the way , Thou! solitary heart… Thou, hath seen enough storms tornadoes that wreck and leave torn yet thy ship has sailed through turbulence , with faith and courage , in every voyage… when… Read More “Elan”

The lonely hungry nights on the footpath or sometimes in the neighboring slum The eerie silence of the darkness or the fearful noise of barking dogs. A little girl alone, walks until her legs stumble and she falls In clothes torn , patched up hair unkempt and scattered roughly tied with a soiled hairband she… Read More

Tis’ your journey

tis your journey, which you undertake on the lonesome path for miles before you rest… afar lies the horizon, prickly branches near the sun will scorch your tender skin’ if you aren’t strong and stand with valour… lift thy spirits in dark nights through dense jungles scary beings of fear and death shall haunt you… Read More Tis’ your journey

In Solitude, I hear !

Gaped the tired restless eyes through eternity piercing the silent whispers of the starry sky hearing the conversation between the radiant moon and its love throughout the emptiness,dwelt the heart in the ether of sky… Reminiscences like fumes of incense filled the air with scented memories blooms of night jasmine smiled at the solitude ,being… Read More In Solitude, I hear !