Not everyone else lags behind,

some always get dragged beside,

the difference is they remain,

always within our sight…

Situations sometimes compels ,

our inhibitions often deter us,

duties ,responsibilities delay ,

being with the one whom we admire…

Our fear darkens our thoughts,

forgetting the fact that we are strong,

A  wrong step we won’t  take,

which would hamper our life along…

When the heart is pure and divine,

expressing yourself is fine,

strings of  world won’t get cheated,

getting  attached in the  bond so immaculate…

Still if you opt for dragging beside,

I can’t force you or just sit beside,

Such a thought will sadden my heart,

To see you choking  in the strangled part,

better if I myself severe the ties,

You will get free from the suffocating vibes…

16 thoughts on “OPTION

  1. Last 5 lines are so true and strong… wish more people can face the reality and let go… but more often people are so afraid of the future that they bear with the suffering of the present, forgetting that others are also part of the web…

  2. we can’t live a life in search of love…we have to appreciate the happiness and compassion existing around us…life is not complicated…we see it that way because we want to find a fact in every emotion…it is not possible !
    some things are to exist not for any fact, but just because they are meant to…the confusion we create in believing how gifted our life is would take just a hold, a hug, a touch or a kiss to overcome.

    Gr8 one again ma’am !

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