THE IDEA: The story is about two simple individuals who were once classmates and hardly interacted with each other…On the last day of their class  ,one confesses to have true admiring feelings for the other and then they  started out their journey separately only to meet years later . Each of them shining on the peak of their career . The story simply reflects how an emotion called love can change the   life  and thinking of a  weak person  forever!

The beautiful leaf from the chinar just flew down to her feet.She was walking since the last one hour without realising how far she had travelled.

Life too had been strange, a look behind  gives the glimpse of everything that she wanted to remember.

It wasn’t long since she was a young girl in her teens,like every other girl flying and bubbling with enthusiasm ,yet quiet in several matters.She was just another girl,nothing special about her that could make her desired. She was aware of that and never felt bad about it.

Schooldays were going to end soon and highschool would be great fun she had heard the conversation between her classmates.Often she was a part of everyone’s talks but never gave her opinionon anything.

One afternoon,after the class was over,an unknown friend came to her and handed her a small piece of paper rolled very nicely.Wondering what it was,she asked the girl,  ” what’s this”? The girl  just replied back , “Open and see it yourself, I don’t have any faintest idea about it.”Saying this she turned around and went back.

Confused , having a look at the paper that looked so attractive,she rolled it back to open.

Inside were few sentences written ,reading which she was astonished.


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Based on a true life incident , when I was just 12.This experience instilled in me the sense of devotion and explained the meaning of total surrender…

Miles away a flame flickers on the verge of getting smothered,

two innocent lives run helter skelter to try their luck,

A strange night for everyone,  a challenge of faith so arduous,

a small negligence could take a life for ever…


Helpless still calm,remained the innocents,

unaware  of all ,was the light of this existence,

deeply engrossed in accomplishing a task,

far off oblivious of the tense situation overall…


A messenger carried  the last message,

the pure childlike hearts feared the absence,

hearing the last call from the kin,

the mighty word got worried…

time had flown like the wind,

Was it already late or had he some time left for the scene?

Bowed before to get the permission,

he waited for the Supreme to nod his appraisal,

Astonished he got the reply,

to complete the task without fearing the outcome!


Intense faith with a gigantic  determination ,

Courage unlimited to stay back in such fervour,

Grace of god and words from HIM,

were the only blessings that he could get in….

Week later when he arrived,

having the mixed emotions inside,

knowing not what was there lying ,

in the garden of his life…


Lo! He found,

The innocent minds playing giggling with their smiles,

light of his life was still burning,

with a small flame ,but intensifying…

Needless to say any words,

the trio ran and hugged him like never,

For they had shown the faith in him,

along with the deepest devotion within…



Walking with me till you can,

holding my hand till I need,

are your words ,

that reflect a gleam…

Just for the sake of this verse,

 I need you as a companion,

As your words are fillers in between ,

for  my intense feelings  scattered within…

Your words make me feel your essence,

Haven’t wished for anything more than,

this cosmic presence,

far away when you write on a paper,                                                                                                             

I want to be the  pen you write with,

and my heart wishes to be the  ink flowing from its nib…

desires and wishes are always strange,

loved and craved for… by everyone,

like a piece of paper or a pen…or   an ink  of any desired colour!