photocredit: googleimages   In the catacomb lies the book undusted,flipping pages across folds of time… in sepulcher rest myriad thoughts buried emotions locked inside the heart’s vault’ in labyrinth , like a untangled mesh they lived weltered amidst the scallop of mess… kabbalistic the epitaph on the stone reclines in slumber the manuscript.


Who knows thou! sings the baul his fingers struck the single chord the solo of duality , he hums in remnants of the grief stricken some old souls, few shattered and broken Oh ! does it require to be a tatterdemalion or a ramshackle old pier to whisper the tunes of eternal weather while plays… Read More Remnant

Timeless !

like the countless stars of a night sky as the endless tides of the ocean nearby like the fragrance of flower ,felt and unseen… the river which endlessly flows …throughout summer, winter or spring, as the ceaseless pulsating beats of a heart under the constant blueness of sky… on  greenery of the land dwells the… Read More Timeless !