In a  kingdom of dreams ,

between the plains and hills,

Is a beautiful valley of flowers,

where colourful florescence lives…

Beautiful, enchanting,fragrant ,

every flower is culminant,

sweet  essence pervades,

making the  atmosphere vibrant..

One morn a bee , flies in,

looking delighted with the wonderful scene..

happier and merrier it gets,

entering the kingdom green…

Widespread colours and varieties,

the bee sits and wonders,

whom do I trust amongst the rest,

and find  my soul friend!

Next sunrise the bee buzzes…

on the flowers of the bushes,

every bud wishes for the bee,

but they find it sitting on a lily …

Anxiously they  ask,

what makes you choose a simple class…

Simplicity, purity .. is what I seek,

in the ocean of the deep,

for my intuition speaks ,

when  two soul friends  meet…”

Filled with gratitude ,

the sweet lily smiles in certitude,

realising the magnitude  of divine

 with blessings in form of  fortitude….


Turbulence inside,

splashing and colliding waves ,

pondering on apprehensions,

moments are strained…

flashing smile an instant,

a hollow feeling is born,

thoughts ,feelings conjure ,

volatile emotions storm…

seeking contentment,

in world of vocality,

…superficially  glazed,

needs audacious tenacity…

vivacious  imagery,

with self stimulation,


euphoria with eudemonism…


Vacuum in  eyes,’

void in the world,

loneliness surrounds,

when absence of  love, life propounds…

your words spread  smile,

your presence infuse  life…

Other errands for you,

how long will they involve you,

your world of its own,

I’m a stranger in that zone…

my poems, reflection   of thoughts,

my talks,expressions of  feelings….

Time flowing  like a stream,

never will it trail back  its dream,

Moments of emptiness creeps,

when you vanish in the deep…


Wrapped in the folds of time,

my sweet memories play inside,

Leaping  and skidding  within,

the old golden times of mine…

Sweet, sour,touching,

 they never get jumbled,

neither their egos, 

either get crumbled….

Innocent ,playful, stringent ,

smitten by persons or circumstances,

treasured and stacked in between,

amongst the thousands lying ,

in the old memories shelf…

they are bounded by time…

Dusts of time, curtains of belief,

cover and refrain the valuable ones,

from getting older,

in the mind and in the heart …

for times in near future…

Where r u lost  in these  pages ! O ! seer!

your throne is bedecked now,

For you to be…

… throned with the  gear


The Enchanting words ,

magnetic nature,

radiating  aura,

mesmerised  each one…

Who had a glimpse

to treasure in their dreams,

for a lifetime,

The only  impressive one…

Words of knowledge,

speech of wisdom,

voice of dominance,

attracting the whole kingdom..

Adorable  appearance,

alluring since antiquity,

amalgamation of self,

 in euphonic divinity…

A magician,

A charmer,

A dream lover,

Or an  enchanter?


I can feel the pain you had last night,

 That was in your left shoulder ,

Coz  that is now transferred to me,

As I absorb all your disturbing thoughts and emotions…

You can now sleep in peace ,

Leaving the tensions beside you,

For I shall  take care of  them,

By adsorbing the stress from  you…

For me ,

  your smile and happiness  are enough,

I dont desire any riches nor any dressing attires,

A moment of togetherness I wish,

Is the ideal gift that I can get from you…

Trust me and my worth,

for I can vanish your fear,

As your pain dissappeared ,

Being with me very close,very near…


“Blogging with Grace”  ever heard of this! The words in themselves mean  a lot!

Well this is a self designed award created by Prashant,who after completing a statistics hit of 1000 views, gifted all his inspiring bloggers this exceptional extraordinary piece of recognition…

His blog        is one of the most natural blogs you must have read with genuine emotions involved.

His comments on my blog or any others has  always been appreciated and been very  enthusiastic..Everyblogger who has received his comments on their blogs must have felt the same,that his comments give new view or completely different angle to our posts..A new perspective is formed..

The way he comprehends my writings…I’m amazed sometimes… This is a rare God-given gift where you can realize,understand,comprehend,empathise any person’s views or thoughts which are in form of words…GOD BLESS

Iam really overwhelmed to receive this beautifully adorned award ,which is truly precious,as it has been crafted specially and personally . Thanks to Prashant and I  wish him a great success in the world of blogs and in life…

Best wishes to all,



Restless thoughts trigger the mind,  with false notions ,

to take a wrong stride,

faith shakes  for sometime,

when I don’t hear anything from your side…

Often sitting in the sun,when the clouds cover the sun,

Hope sometimes fails to give,

the strength required for all the things,

When I don’t see you for long,

This happens for some moments along…

What eyes perceive and believe,

The reality lies only within,

to believe and trust the only guide,

who walks with  you, being a shadow behind…

How does the mind and heart forget,

the shadow never leaves in haste,

It follows us wherever we go,

sometimes leading us  or

being  behind in our  trail…