Under the blue spread with white fluffy cotton balls hanging on our  head,

amidst the fluorescent green carpets, laid over mountains and plains,

lies a terrain path full of stones and pebbles,

On which I walk with  barren feet  hurting my delicate veins…

A small  stone suddenly pierces as my foot unknowingly tramples,

the pain I forget because of the frequent shambles,

Long before  when I had started on this road as an  exception,

Everyone around had announced my failure and misery as the result of this gamble…


Smilingly I forgave them all for their consistent displeasure,

as my heart knew the reason for their unknown behaviour,

faith in you ! O my lord! I started this  journey with courage,

Belief in you,sincerity in me, lead me with  my determination ahead…


How far is the destination ? my Lord! questions  my companion,

 who has been with me in my struggled times and years,

Not for me , I have doubt in my  resilience or your miracles,

Seeing the pain and the tears of loved ones , I  ask this out of fear!

Moments of joy and happiness ,I had wished for my dear,

Am I not torturing that  being, by accepting this road of wear,

Or is it that we are tied by our deeds and our fortune,

suffering and enjoying together the music  of destiny in one tune…


Humble note of gratitude to you,for whatever I am today,

asking for your grace  to bestow on my loved dear being,

Even If I move on the mountains or the difficult stony hills,

please take my loved one’s soul to the heaven directly through your blessings…