Delicate flower


looked up, an old fragile flower
gazing at the wide azure
savvying for a drizzle
which perhaps
rejuvenate its trembling veins…
in an instant
vanishes, the evanescence
in the zephyr
“O! don’t take ages ..cries the
in more anguished pain…
suffocates the last breath
here , I strangulate .”

for long I had been
away from thy shelter
sneaking out of thine refuge
warping on false slumbers…
atrophied my stature
besotted I remained,
as the power of free will
diminishes ,
the mind emaciated…
Awhile the orphic shower cleanses
my deepest caverns…
let my petals secrete
at thy humble feet
the good , bad and evil
in a sacred disposition…

Light of Wisdom

O! Thee, my ignorant mind seeks the light
there’s darkness everywhere,
knowledge flourishes,
learned is man,
who is the learner,dies the inquisitiveness…
Speaks every mouth,
who doth listen,
forgets the vision, to observe
ears deafen …
O! Thee,
searches my ignorant mind
for the lustrous flower
whose fragrance shall wipe away
worries and ego of power…
Amidst the clouded thoughts and views
of the intellectuals,
I, stand alone
look for that light of wisdom
illumines and kindles
the lost conscience of every soul and enliven.


shook the canopy of firm beliefs
law of impermanence wins
I rush aside to pinch,
O! Thee !
 Is this the truth or
a  destiny fragile!!! 
what is perpetual,ceaseless
 besides the sun,moon and innumerable stars
rivers floweth, and clouds walk
over the destined path…
nature invariably incarnates
transforms and regains
tis only the human,
which neither forever remains
nor lives as in the body of flesh
without being stale…

the essence of creation,
the fragrance of flower
the blueness of heaven
the serene flow of river
the smile of a baby
the soul of a human
ne’er die
contrary to the law of impermanence
of the Universe!
then how shall , me and Thee !
leave indelible marks
tie ourselves with the ne’er opening knot…
Tis ! the divine that binds us,
Tis the force cosmic that fastens us in
bonds of  ancient births
kindling the flame twin, in souls
enlightening the darkened eleventh door,
Tis the ethereal cosmos,
life obeys the law of the Absolute one
in every age by his norms!



“A BUD ” from “Suroor of the Soul”

Dear readers,

Here is an audio visual treat from the creators of “Suroor of the Soul” , me and Shaheen .

Nature with the eternal music and a verse in a soft voice is always a delight! Sharing with you the video  of “A BUD” from the pages of ” Suroor of the Soul”.

In written words I respire ,


in spoken I dance!

The Final meet

the earthly pastels saw the morning dawn,
when the lush green meadows
ran through the long stretches...
met the flowing brook whilst on their way
...little flowers bloomed and kissed
the charming sway.

the tiny weeds along the path
brushed and saw the new grasses born...

and far away a cry reaches another ear,miles apart
across thousand seas, under the vast stretched sky
echoing semblance of loved thoughts
singing epics of the eternal bond ...

here arrives on the heart of the ultimatum
on the verge of the universal sphere
in the aura of the pristine atmosphere
under the colours of the azure
amidst the fragrance of thousand jasmines
the final meet..
the unison of the earthy colours with the golden aureate
destined and predestined to meet...




Let me be alone O! wind of the changing season,
Tis autumn fall,which changeth now,
I want to feel the rustling of fallen leaves
now on the path untrodden…
Let me be alone ! O ! breeze of the new season,
I wish to breathe in the old air,
the zephyr where I dreamt
few strands in hues of love and despair…
Let me be alone! O! troubling wind!
Why doth you caress my hair ,
it reminds me of beloved,
who is far away from my land!!!
Leave me alone ! O ! wind of love!
your intense exotic essence,
perfumes my breath within
as i inhale the flowing gentle breeze!
Come back to me !
when you doth bring
a gift from my love,
a token of fresh kisses
wrapped in satin touch of yours!



On the damp soil of your feelings

I walk few steps barefooted

Wets the earth of perfumed love

My feet scarred and scaled…

In garlands exotic, grandeur of

scented flowers exhume

I try to seek a glimpse

of you in solace…

Neither my word shall reach

Nor my voice can you hear

Thy wind though the messenger

carries the thoughts of embraced affection

How I wish you would perceive

my inner silence

in the shivering night’s vibration

Where turbulence hath

topsy-turvy the waves of my heart

Though in every breath

I utter your name,

in every moment in your love, I bask!

Connoisseur !

Tracks through Golden Fields of Rapeseed

Running amongst the golden weeds
brushed I, my arms
over them,
sighed they and said
"Oh! wondrous one!
Where do you flee in haste!"
To my love ! 
the one who awaits,
there ,in the meadows 
of the verdure,
whose breath
caresses my hair!
"Wait here 
for few moments
Peace never reigns in love
tranquil here is the atmosphere
choose me to your companion!"
Smilingly I kiss the weeds,
flowers wild,
intoxicating me to sleep,
I answer ,
"velvet carpet ...of which you're the king,
pricks my soft  skin
of allegiance,
my soul hath known
only  the sunflower 
to be my connoisseur".



This poem is dedicated to  Amany!  http://wp.me/p2vppa-rj   as this got generated out of a  conversation with her !

A large  sphere…. small  hemisphere,

poles apart,still connected by the blogosphere,

what an awesome world of unknown identities,

words tie with  the unique bond of destiny….


Like a small village,

having a specific culture,languages different,

but understanding clear!

when something is uttered,

a tear shed or sadness withered,

friends  rush in to comfort with encouraged fervor…


What a world of  invisible stratosphere,

 attachment  emotional,

without meeting in personal,

what a game!


The  words play,

 blogs reflect  outpouring of a heart my dear!

share a laugh, sorrow or a joy to embrace,

want to travel and relax under the heaven,

feel the essence of the nature around,

feeling low,theres something which shall make   you sound…


Wanna read a verse simple,

or analyze the political converse,

missing old days or friends along,

craving for lost love or finding a new one for long…

everything you find here…


Such a great sphere is the world of blogosphere!