5000th view!

The moment I write this post,my blog just crossed the views of 5000…and the likes of  1337 loved readers…                                

I feel blessed enough that at least 5000 readers have found me interesting and inspiring in the last few months…

Somewhere my poems have touched them or given them a ray of hope .For some they might have got entertained by the posts,for whatever reason ,  I feel grateful to all the readers and my followers who have encouraged me by their presence… 5000th mark is just a milestone,many more are there in life to cross and achieve more…

Still I wished to share this joy with you all,who have become a part of my extended family in such a short time…

Love,sorrows,friendship,happiness,separation,spriritualism,feelings,entertainment,fictions,words from heart and pictures of all  seasons…I have witnessed every mood and emotion by going through all of your posts… A rare experience in such  a short span  the widest range  from every corner of the world…

This world of blogs have given me a reason to aim more…

Best wishes,Happy blogging,









As the golden sunshine falls upon me,

my cheeks blush pink,

as you were there,

in my dreams…


The flowing breeze caresses

my silken locks,

reminding me of your presence,

as the doors of our future unlock….
You were flying high above,
amongst the clouds,
touching the skies…
I down there longed,
to hear from you ….
few words to make  me sigh….
My thoughts somehow reached you,
in moments I heard from you,
spreading a smile on my face
you turned my day  beautiful ….



Amidst the ocean of love, there was a natural pearl..

Precious and beautiful as none,

Ready to come out of the shell,

Envisaging about the colourful world…

Unaware of the scene outside,

full of anger and lies,

desiring to appear and be visible,

 under the blue vast  sky…

It wanted to live through all the wides,

 Experiencing  the worldly tides…

To have a glimpse of the serene nature,

 To feel the beauty of innocent  people,

To appreciate  the gift of god,

 And perceive the world in another form…


It neither  feared  the strange change..nor did it get itself shelved..

The pearl wanted to step into the place,where life pervaded…

As chosen by god,at a given time,

The  white beauty stepped out of its shell …

unshaped ,unglazed was its surface,

to become more adorning,

it got shaped and beaded…

While getting beaded , man became  more skillful

as he crafted it more precisely…

presenting it in a beautiful look…

It made the owner more proud

And he flaunted the piece in his showroom..

Passers by grew passionate

Dreaming  and craving for their weakness…

it bedecked the slim neck of a woman,

making her more desiring,

fascinating one’s dreams ,

 making it alluring…


And so a tiny pearl that was inside a shell for years..

came out in the atmosphere,

 to give its best..

to the unknown  world..

silently and slowly spreading love,

it carried its duty with sincere effort,

The white gem  knew its purpose on the earth,

Silently it completed  the assigned work…


If only we realize

The beauty of our birth,

Performing our duties as silently as the pearl ..

Peaceful will be the world,

Leaving the earth as preserved…











This is based on a true life incident that I experienced as a child,which infused and imbibed in me more profusely the source  of faith

There was a knock at the door,

we children  were too small then,

to reach the latch and unlock ,

I pulled a chair from the corner,

to step up and unlatch the slide…

Behind the open door,

stood the  Magnetic one,

He stepped inside in a moment,

to enquire about my dad’s presence…

We followed behind,

as he rushed through the small creeky doors ,

to reach the crumpled bed in few lopes,

my mother a frail  figure then,

was lying sick on the  bed…

Having a look all around,

analysing every reason sound,

foreseeing ! words he  asked,

darted in the small place forward,

he stood behind my dad in solace,

like an Incarnation propound…

Within the small sanctum,

music overflowed,

words we didn’t remember,

and he sung the lore…

Guiding us through every step,

pulling out from the dark,

 illuminated the path  of life with  faith ,

Becoming our  Lord…!


The unsung song we hummed together last evening sitting by the nature,

a small gesture in form of words led to a whole new song of  affection,

or was it  the beautiful thought underlying underneath in the bottom of our heart…?

blessed was the moment when we confessed  before  it did start?…

were my words so transparent,or my feelings so intense,

that without voicing music  to it,the song was hummed by you and me…


Those golden minutes of  joy, brought overwhelmed fear and joy,

fear of losing you someday,joy of getting you today,

your thoughts brought some serenity in the way,

when  I realised you are a soul divine…

who realises the value of a true confession even if hidden,

where could I get such a lovely soul,who expresses nothing if bidden…


Sometimes your silence hurts my veins,as they get stretched in the pain,

the formal casual conversations ,is not what I crave for or dreamt,

The next instant you show a concern,with a small word of gesture,

making me to think again , does he realise what I feel then…?

when at times he becomes strange,casually taking things in vain,

ignoring the thought of  speaking between the lines that I said…



Whatever it is, Iam overjoyed,excited to feel the beautiful convoy,

your presence in my life brings tears of pain and joy for a while,

the heart floats on the cloud nine,as I remember the evening time,

forgive me if I expressed something more,

which you didn’t want to think or store,

 in the memories of your  mind,

I will try not to say this  again,

for the heart never listens to the mind…