On the day specially meant for Fathers, I wish my dad a happy Father’s day.Far away from him, since the time I got married,now in a different place in a different country,I always have remained  close to his heart. A daddy’s girl…

Like every father he too is my idol and I try to follow his footsteps unknowingly.He too inculcated in me many qualities and taught the basics of life. The most important of which is ‘Always thank Him for whatever he gave, and always pray “Let the thing best for everyone happen” .He didn’t teach me this but he did practise the same…I just try to remember whatever he said.

On this father’s day, I bow before the Father of the Universe…

Since antiquity ,

times changed,

eras came to an end,

you are the  only one endless,


ever bestowing are your

blessings and  grace…

Nurturing  the whole world,

 balancing the universe,

You are the master

of this creation…

Listening to cries of everyone,

erasing the worries ,

eradicating  the fears,

instilling courage ,

wiping their tears…

Showing everyone the real path,

holding every hand in case of storm,

letting free the mind for imaginations,

persuading them in their aspirations…

Creator of the universe,

Life of the cosmos,

Father of the existence,

blessed am I to be a petal of your florescence…


Not everyone else lags behind,

some always get dragged beside,

the difference is they remain,

always within our sight…

Situations sometimes compels ,

our inhibitions often deter us,

duties ,responsibilities delay ,

being with the one whom we admire…

Our fear darkens our thoughts,

forgetting the fact that we are strong,

A  wrong step we won’t  take,

which would hamper our life along…

When the heart is pure and divine,

expressing yourself is fine,

strings of  world won’t get cheated,

getting  attached in the  bond so immaculate…

Still if you opt for dragging beside,

I can’t force you or just sit beside,

Such a thought will sadden my heart,

To see you choking  in the strangled part,

better if I myself severe the ties,

You will get free from the suffocating vibes…


Widespread is the path of love,
reaching to the end of horizon,
The road I travel passes through,
your goal,your destination.
Join me here on this bend,
where I am standing to lend you my hand,
the journey will  soon come to an end,
before it’s too late,hold my hand…
Strolling through this boulevard,
admiring the fallen leaves and flowers,
vast sky of  imagination ,
takes us beyond  the limit of horizon…
Your dream is my wish now,
touching the sky is just a step somehow,
reaching the stars is the desire,
filling your life with happiness is what I aspire…