Walking  on the shores of life feeling the sunshine,

As we trod in the sands of time,

the waves come and kiss our feet ,

Only to leave us as the waves recede…




Lines added by Prashant:



they tell us about a life beyond

 in the touch of subtle memories,

 the waves glitter with the rays of hope,

 and few pages of our life’s diaries…


Girth of births remains neverending,

Till we desolate our being from the attachments of the strings,

Giving rise to a strangled form wandering in the universe for long,

Waiting for a blessing  bestowed on  him in the centrifuging…

Lost time in the logical  learning feeding his ego with pampering,

Suffers now in the cycle of  assimilating the tougher ties of  worldly pleasures,

Every action Nemesis hears for hurting the souls in words and measures…

Nescience dominated the life long ,isnt a proposition for escapism…

years of  revolution will obliterate the ties and reminiscences,

substituting the negativity , reproducing a soul ,

for the next birth in form of a new   offspring ….