Thy can ne’er know

what art thy heart speaks

in silence thou ne’er heard

my  flutterings…

With a fistful of

songs of love

I try to  touch 

thy soul

with words of passion

written in your amor.

I set ablaze the

extinguishing fire

you doth not see it though

perhaps someday you might see

the ignited wick’s glow!

sigh I o’er for your glance

yet you ne’er perceive

the missed beats of thy heart

when I kissed your cheeks!

Upon the dream decor

I sleep and wish

for a momentous begin

when thy heart becomes mine

echoes my name whilst wandering!




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Broken fragments scattered,

I bend and pick each one to gather,

a part  pierces my delicate skin,

bleeding profusely,incessantly.


Still, carefully I collect the bits,

Pain exceeds the bearing strength,

a scream within dies its own death,

drenched in tears of rage and sorrow,

the soul disembarks for a new voyage…


Futile goes every effort,

In vain is washed the pristine love,

In front of mind  of a Narcissus,

my heart goes helpless and vulnerable…


Recuperating after the lancinating feel,

i fuse my broken fragments again,

Yet stronger to withstand the stupor,

Patiently I try to find the end!




Like colours of  the sky

is my heart..

reflecting every moment …

 a different art!

A mosaic of paintings

within the enclosure,

brushed with thoughts,

coloured with imaginations…



Varied designs form

As in a kaleidoscope,

the innumerable patterns

get shaped…

Like a prowess,

It displays exotic images,

Giving power and courage,

to fulfill the envisage!



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Days of silence between us,

how far have we been ushered,

trembling lips cannot utter,

the words from the core that emerged…


Even if we sit for a while
our eyes glancing in deep drowned life,
It needs a crack to break the ice,
when everything freezes within time…

Frozen remain we and our minds,
as if got  mesmerized,
long before we realize…
time shall play its own maritime…

When shocked we would discover,
the moment has passed and lost for ever,
when we could open our hearts …
to bare our soul…
as the yearning had been so afar…

Will another frame of time be there,
when the same moment,the same instant,
come again…

like fresh breathe of air,
And we shall concede and express…
the languished pining stored in our sense…


Nothing can ever substitute the place that you hold,

creating a void in a whole,

nothing replenishes the thoughts,

of your words that shone…

within the darkness of my depths,

that formed when you left me alone.


Who else can I look upon,

in times of distress and warmth,

for you’re the only soul close to me,

who could feel my breath and heart…


Clinging to you or possessing you,

I don’t have any such wish,

just a touch of care and love,

that is what I ever  dreamt …


Interrupting your schedule

of work and duties,

is never on my mind,

I just want to be beside you in the struggles dominating your time…



Still if my words hurt you..

and my feelings put you in pain,

I will stay away from your shadow …

But nothing can ever interchange  your place …




On the piece of paper fluttering beside,

a pen scrolls down and scribbles the time,

moments lived, cherished in mind,

like the old bottled wine!


Lines flow, joining words,

remembering instances,never wondered,

flying back to the past,

the paper still lives in the present arch!


Jotted ink goes on and on,

till it is tired and cannot walk,

recalling moments of the nostalgic past,

feeling the warmth of the flowers,

the cool breeze of the forest’s heart.


Fragrance of the treasured times,

spread out from the words that outshine,

a story,an incident, a day or an event,

the heart is laid out on the paper with full intense!











There was once a place on earth… an isle… ” Anhydrous isle”…

Surrounded from all sides…with waters and waves white.


No verdure on the place,withered  foliage mundane,

sands ,rocks,pebbles to watch,different landscapes combined in all…


Life  wasn’t anywhere to be seen,

even standing amidst  the expanse of the sea…

So much dryness !

It made me think!

How come the beautiful isle …

never wanted to sink…

in the body of the ripples beside…

how could it be so aloof and dried.


I could sense,it had pulled and shrinked ,

the ends of the island …shrivelled within…

No matter what the nature offered,

remaining dry had become  its deliberate  nature…


Not knowing what it missed,one day everything  changed the myth,

a ship got wrecked near its shore…many were saved ,few abandoned …

one soul swam across the streams,

and reached the isle with a log to save in…

stepping on the isle,it thanked the place and sighed…

 “Oh! so beautiful! this place is divine!”

Hearing these words the  island smiled,

a wave of life ran through its heart and mind…


It too wished now… to be green,

to be more captivating and serene…

It opened the veins of its heart,

allowing the waters to flow inside like darts,

rushing and gushing everywhere,

the islet became a life of  inhabitants…


“The Anhydrous Isle” became an adorable one,

opening the gates of its enclosure,

absorbing the wet waves of emotions,

It became beautiful and moistened…












On the chariot of  heavenly feelings,

rode the one who ruled the innumerable hearts…

embellished with elegant charm,

adorned and bedecked with enchantment.


Riding ceremoniously onto the place destined,

heralding jubilantly with the mast-head swaying,

Through the entangling forests of time,

Crossing several deserts and being on maritime…


The  magnificent chariot rushes swiftly,

like a gleam of blazed lightening,

Amidst the thunderstorm which flashes giantly,

tearing apart the darkness pervading…


Like an Auriga it dazzles in the black sky,

Propagating light with utmost luminosity,

dispersing the tiniest atoms of its constituent,

scattering in the atmosphere the most enamouring scent…


The designated sanctum glows like incandescence,

reflecting glowing everywhere…

As the chariot of dreams arrives on  the heart,

The charioteer of love alights …

to dwell and reign…

the kingdom of hearts…



Everytime I sit in peace,

I come across a certain being,

who shakes my thought and my mind,

subsquently to affect my heart twine…

Whenever Iam busy in my routine,

the normal duties and chores umpteen,

a vibration suddenly shivers,

trembling the thought,apprehending fears…

Fear of continous thoughts,

ruling my conscience out of drought,

longing to be held close,

touched and kissed like a pure soul…

Eventually I forget the keeps ,

my promises

that I made to my self within,

never to get carried away by any dream …

Everything goes futile! …

For the breeze of love never asks and pines,

it just comes and chills your spine,

yearning to get warmth ,

from the only dear pristine…

Again the cycle restarts,

loving and getting hurt happens along,

everything else remains the same,

the  moments are not the  ones to blame…

Affinity brings out the best of us,

when we radiate the loving nature in nimbus,

spreading light of affection.,

           sparkling the dull life  of someone…


Into the depths of  the heart,

a  journey is undertaken in solitude ,

walking alone on the rough edges,

The sole gets hurt with piercing  pain…








The road which goes within,

into the dwellings of the stream,

whose source is the rich mute bosom ,

from where it flows endlessly with water  pristine…

is never traversed with anyone,

people around,or amidst the crowd…

the journey of  this kind…

is rare and occasionally  found….


But moments in life do concur,

 bring to light such endeavour,

when everyone has to map this distance ,

the gap with conscience, depth and wisdom…

to carry forth the life’s continous wave …

for ceaseless never ending ritual…









Destined it is for every soul,

be it now or later unknown,

groping in the dark some fall,

some get dazzled by the luminous core,

Varying feelings, varying thoughts,

according to the body and mind’s ball,

…Such a moment is sure to  begin…

when we stand alone on the path…

and set about  the  journey within …

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