Where thoughts are pure,

feelings conjure,

where soul is glowing,

with an aura radiating…

Where the flowers shimmer,

fragrance demeanour,

Immaculate volitions,

sparkle the atmosphere…

Days and night,sun or moon,

every being is a child dear,

where a drop of hatred never is  born …

love reigning the empire for years…

A paradise on earth ,

is truly there,

where our heart rules our mind,

and lives without any fear…

In our imaginations with deep insight,

a world of paradise exists,

in every soul

of this universal sight…


This is a personal tribute to a person who expired few days back.She was a lively , cheerful person and led her life on her own norms… Fighting against an ailment ,she lived the life with a smile…

Crumpled scattered tiny bits of paper on the mezannine floor,

The reflection from the glazed sparkles eyes with endeavour,

Pieces of paper or bits of destiny…

She sweeps her soft hands to gather from the surface slippery,

Before the advent of the dawn,

The flickering candle extinguishes,

Leaving a serene smile on the radiating face for the coming  ages…


A  blush unseen,

slowly emerging  on my cheeks,

spreads  to one end of my lips,

when I try to hide, an adnate  feeling ,

a  sweet smile…

Pondering on the fortuitism,

Turning and glowing  pink and red,

when I  read thy name,

amongst the hundreds,

who viewed and fled….

A macaronic  sweet pain in my heart,

teases me ,when I fall apart,

reminding me of the good old  times,

When  I got  impressed by the resonance

of  your chimes…