Sweet memories of golden moments,
when we were far,still hearts connected,
filling the space in between ,
with the radiation of the warm feelings…
Tied together by humble words,
strengthening the bonds of affection,
verses for you I had written,
unknowingly out of my concern….
distance for me never mattered,
your presence is the diamond…
forever bedecked on the ring,
of my soul and aura’s gleam…


Dive in the deep ocean of life,

to discover a  world of emotions inside,

colourful,variant and luminous sight,

you will get lost in the emotional delight….

Remember before stepping in the vibrant  world,

you will have to forget the egos and hurls,

stepping on the stairs of  such a magical place,

your heart will get touched  and overwhelmed….

Once looked around all the springtime and  the fall,

you will  feel the soothing breeze also the strong scorch,

each scene is a replica of the  emotions  that exist ,

surprising,touching,extraordinary is the strange halt…

Before you end the journey within the depth of  life,

Have a glance at every feeling  beneath the coated smile,

you will get a glimpse of  a tiny molecule of life,

dwelling within an emotional moment a ray of light…