From the depths of eternity,

to the world of mortality,

moments shared together,

create a niche for the world.


Unnamed bonds, passionate thoughts,

knowing the heart , without a word uttered,

two mortals on this earth,

away from each other since the birth.


Never crossed the roads together,

share the moments of bliss together,

unseen,unknown strings of love,

silken ,coated with heavenly love,

few seconds of  co- incidence,

brings the two lives together…


Pure , selfless feelings conjured,

radiance of  care emitted for ever,

different bodies ,soul one,

will the blessed  moment repeat in future?


Such a wonderful surprise from Autumn today,as I get nominated for the A LOVELY BLOG AWARD from her. She indeed has always been a source of  inspiration and also has encouraged me even when I was very new to this blogger world. Thanks Autumn for evrything . AS for the award I need to mention few points about myself and also nominate it for the blogs whom I love the  most.

About me:

  • Iam a very simple person who loves to write from the heart.
  • I love listening to music and also love to sing.
  • I have been very good in sports during my school and college days and till today I sometimes play badminton and cricket with my son and husband.
  • Inspite of not being an engineer ,I have worked for my dad in all projects in field of engineering.
  • I am very good in designing and drawing industrial coal and LPG based furnaces.
  • I love nature and always find a calming effect in it in my days of stress.
  • Iam a very cheerful  and enthusiastic person in nature.

The blogs which I would like to nominate are :

There are several other blogs which are closer to my heart too ! More awards coming for them soon! 🙂

I wish best of luck to all of them.




Little singers chirping around in the morning and in the noon,

seldom do they ever think what is the mess going around,

flock of people,crowd of cars, haunting horns to scare them off…

smoke or mist they get confused till they get choked with the pungent fumes…

Innocent chirpies sitting in rows,sometimes love a dangling branch rather than  a pretty rose,

their world ,a world of music, tweeting around with aura majestic…

birds of nature , birds of love, flying in every direction of earth,

rivers ,streams,lakes and forests,

they love adoring the beauty of the atmosphere…

Unaware of the feeling of a human form,

luckiest they seem to presume,

without having the five senses in Hume,

Thanking god with their humble tone,

they start each day with their vibrant song,

filled with gratitude for what they are,

 Sweet birds of  nature fill the environment with chirpy bizarre…


Constellation of stars make the presence conspicous,

when consonance of thoughts and actions disembark darkness,

when the languish soul too gets invigorated,

In the propinquity of  divine nectar…

Rejoicing the relegation of the fearfulness,

resolution of spreading

 the resonance of heavenly rhythm,

Subrogating the idol of the Lord in our heart,

Substitutes the negative trapeze with faith…

Devotion of self in the feet of the Lord,

Surrendering as monomorphic :

crystallizing thoughts and consiousness,

In a divine crystalline form….

enables a godly coloration on the transparent soul ,

Reawakening  it with invigoration…

A sublime thought!

Everybody else did the job,

decoding,translating my thought,

depth or feeling no one could decipher,

as my words elucidate a metaphor…


God gifted as you ,no one can be,

interpreting thoughts is your quality,

everyone waits for thou to come and say,

few words in their honour for the day!


Outspoken yet silent within,

frank yet subtle in things,

courageous yet fearful within,

loves to write on anything…


Lines for you I can write,

without even  thinking twice,

Neither you are a stranger nor friend,

but a sublime thought of my  soul instead…