Widespread is the path of love,
reaching to the end of horizon,
The road I travel passes through,
your goal,your destination.
Join me here on this bend,
where I am standing to lend you my hand,
the journey will  soon come to an end,
before it’s too late,hold my hand…
Strolling through this boulevard,
admiring the fallen leaves and flowers,
vast sky of  imagination ,
takes us beyond  the limit of horizon…
Your dream is my wish now,
touching the sky is just a step somehow,
reaching the stars is the desire,
filling your life with happiness is what I aspire…

13 thoughts on “OUR PATH

  1. this is about not living with the thought of being in love…but wanting to be loved in return…so what if love makes us selfish…
    …well, that’s the difficult part of being selfish in love – seeking truth in selfishness !!!

    a humble expression by you…dil se !

    1. love is a journey and not destination…so in search of it or for any cause we wait to reach for the destination,meanwhile losing the true essence on the way… Thanks for liking.

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