Hi everyone!

I just took a break to inform you all about two books of mine of poems which are now ready for distribution and shall be available on sharing the links of the same and hope your wishes shall be with me as they had been always.These are my first books and hope they at least reach the readers who find some inspiration in them.

The first book is titled LIFE -INSPIRATION TO SPIRITUALISM–inspiration-to-spiritualism/12868598]

The second one is – THE MYSTIC JOURNEY


This is just an effort from me to compile my work ,so that somewhere in near future , anybody can at least get a word or drop of motivation or inspiration . Its written from the heart with a hope that it touches your heart…

With a touch of optimism in every poem, I feel, LIfe is full of ups and downs,joys and sorrows. There are many shades to it and we all are aware of it, a colour or a streak of bright colour painted on each one of our’s soul,will help everyone to lead  a better life and create a happier place to live in…

With best wishes and lots of love,


**** Also I wnt  be logging in  for the next 10-15 days,Hope to catch your wonderful posts soon, and miss me ! will be back soon…


Who said love is invisible,
like the one who is invincible,
immortal ones can never have a glimpse,
of the wondrous sublime essence…
Mountains,valleys,rivers and oceans,
in every atom of the surrounding nature,
fresh breath of pure divine,
air inhaled becomes truly pristine…
To feel the presence and realise the aura,
a deep sense of depth within needs in plethora,
love and god are alike and same,
both need an inner conscience to feel and exhilarate…
The urge to have and craving to be ,
in the closest proximity of the near and dearest one,
let it be the omnipresent lord ,
or in the embraced presence of adored…



The one who rode the chariots of destiny,

leading through the earthly mutiny,

donnes a colourful plume on his crown,

playing notes of divine harmonic sound…



Guiding and escorting the wheels of fear,

Racing ahead with the reins in his control and gear,

revealing the philosophy behind principles and beliefs,

enlightening the soul as an ubiquitious colossal seer…



Echoing the conch ,dispelling the negative inhibitions,

proclaiming a combat against the hostile false egos and forces,

infusing the apprehensive soul with courage and valor,

grooming it to deal with hostile adverse  resentment in behaviour…



The innocent soul experiences the unknown and unfamiliar,

Incredulity and skepticism takes time to wash away the conjecture,

with gratitude and stupefaction, faith and devotion brings him near,

To surrender and resign his immortal tender soul,

in the feet of the eternal infinite boundless lord of the universal sphere…






lovely duo of attractive angels,

soaring high in the dreams of love,

leaving the land of mortals down,

rise above to the heaven of such…


embraced,entwined souls composed,

calm and in sync, when held close,

flying in the kingdom of fantasies,

with wings of pure immaculate thoughts…


white,spotless angels in love,

oblivious of the negative atmosphere,

live in their own world and sphere,

illuminating the place with atoms of adoration…








With changes like never before ,

My pen stops writing and abhors ,

The sense of vacuumness inside ,

The silent night on the seaside…


Waves rising falling again,

Still the sound gets absorbed someway,

In the hollow nights of pine,

Filling the soaked eyes more with rain…



Breeze touching and moving beside,

Just to remind the love tides,

Reminiscences of the times,

When your breath could be felt by mine…


The urge to submerge in those moments ,

when echoes of the heart said,

language and speech alike and same,

in the epoch of  eternal  ceaseless  love game…





From the silent nights of passion,
to the high ends of imagination,
love gets transferred ,
from one shimmering star to another…
 A star at one end of horizon,
stares and gazes at its love,
to search and find the feelings ,
that has been within its girth…
Quietly and silently ,
it adores the twinkling sight,
oblivious of the fact ,
that it self its a marvellous delight…
Stationary and static it had been for years,
absorbing darkness of the night,
illuminating the minds of fear,
Guiding the lost ones to the destination …
even in dense atmosphere…
Chosen by the supreme power,
sparkling irisdescent with fervor,
attained a height of distinction,
revered with its nobility with admiration…




Capability of doing wonders,bringing a smile even on dull lifeless muscles,

Ability to spread happiness in the dark hearts filled with sadness,

Skilled with intrinsic art to rejuvenate the deathly chambers,

Who has the talent so genuine to be so proficient?


Nourishing a heart with lovely notes of compassion,

Gratifying the presence by accomplishing a task with umpteen measures,

Pleasing a being with rendering beautiful leisures,

Infusing the life with enthusiasm…



These are the few traits of a wondrous human behavior,

A reflection of a persona with humbleness in nature,

Individuality of zeal and passion,

Zest and commitment to flourish cheerfulness in elation…


Blessed Iam to be a minute atom of this gigantic mission,

 Repelling upheaval vibes and creating resonance of reverberation,

Asserting a smile on my face and my lexis pouring from the heart,

I forever love to bring a gleam in everyone’s life with delight and charm….










 Outpouring of a tender heart,

in  poignant form of expressions

using the most simplest words,

to touch millions in seconds…


speaks  in the silence ,

echoes in vacuum,

feelings put down,

become silvery in countdown…


significance in the denotation,

worthy connotation,

sense in its value ,

gist of every sequence…


abundance in the purpose,

deciphered  uniquely by all,

every soul derives from it ,

a complete different form…



Often do we get hurt by piercing words,
some of which are hurled on by our closed ones,
a dagger or a sword can do nothing better,
what the few words of acrimony rips the soul shatter…
Does the being ever realise what the heart passes through,
dying , losing every moment after the shocking ensue,
harder and painful the time it faces,
after surrendering itself in the clutches of the debacle…
Strenously with audacity it gathers the courage,
to face again the world with same conscience,
self belief  and conviction give a helping hand,
the soul again  gets up fighting with valor and gallant…