So I’m way down?

 You  questioned

with a doubt?

forgetting the faith profound…!

Do I need to explain this,

“My thoughts reflect in my words

 which display the depth in deep,

 you are the one who understood,

the sense lying within…”

The status,position doesn’t matter,

hear what  the heart says in the clutter,

writing your name in golden letters!

Is what I wish  in the near  future…

Affection emanates like a river,

that has the source  within,

Simple thoughts ,

true feelings is what Iam!

reasoning and explanations,

 have no meaning…

 My heart pristine,

is overjoyed when it hears

your steps or voice…

your words matter the most,

in the world of the  chaos…

love for a soul,

is a gift of mine,

which I received

from Divine…

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