This poem is dedicated to my dear friend “SIHEEM” ,who last night encouraged me to complete the few lines that I had written as comments on her blog…

Though I haven’t completed any ,I just wrote this one out of the conversation we had on her  blog.. . 

Someone dear said to me,

” a poet’s thoughts are diamonds,

very precious and  rare,

belonging to the poet himself…”


I sighed and thought,

“deep within a voice speaks,

when I get hurt,or I’m  glad,

 rather than speaking  before anyone,

 I pen it down in words,

 the feelings flood and form a poem…”

She replied,” I will collect your lovely pieces,

that you left here on my blog,

please  complete all of them,

they shall form a lovely song…”

My heart whispered,

“I’m  glad and thankful,

that  I found you…  :-)  …

 nobody has ever picked the pieces,

that I left behind in their view,

 for they spoke of my heart,

some had tears in them,some smiled in parts,

everyone picked what they wanted ,

  leaving  the rest scattered …”

You are the only one to say,

“I’m picking up  your diamonds”…

8 thoughts on “Diamonds

  1. See 🙂 ,I told you ,your comments will assume the form of a beautiful poem. I love they way you combined our thoughts ,it’samazing.Thank you for calling me “dear ” too . 🙂

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