Feeling of thy presence in the  circumference of life,

Realising thy eminence in the contours of life,

Revering your magnificence within the norms of life,

Worshipping your reminiscence in every birth of  life…

Learning in every experience of life,

loving every person coming across in life,

spreading happiness around the surroundings of life,

believing in humanity in every phase of life….

Admiring the beauty of the nature around,

adoring the creations of thou abound,

devoting the thoughts and feelings of life,

to the Absolute…

Surrendering the soul of my life,

 by assimilating with the one divine…

Is the endeavour of my life,

To be blessed with the privilege 

to be an atom in  the dream of divine…

12 thoughts on “MY ENDEAVOUR

  1. Your poem bears within it many routes to the realm of happiness ,like ‘loving every person you come across,it’s important to chase away hatred from our heart, heart is sacred ,it should not be tarnished by hatred,indifference and disdain . I love youe poem . 🙂

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