What makes pain more painful!

The sense of having the ache or the feeling of not being able to perfom the regular duties and responsibilities efficiently? The inefficiency of getting exhausted soon or the pressure that develops around the circumstances?

Is it fearing or is the trouble of pain more fearing?

For me! the pain of my children is the most painful situation ,that I have to go through.The vulnerability of the little ones,when they fall sick or go through circumstances where they experience the pain,is more terrible.

Since the last few days ,my kids are running with high fever and cold. Besides medicines and taking care,inspite of the restless moments,endless struggles and sleepless nights,the moment I sit quietly,I can feel the pain more deeply.Probably it is unexpressed and words fall short fo rit. But the existence of the agony is a part.

Everything else takes a second seat and the concern of their wellness the most important of all.

There are umpteen thoughts going on in the mind and can take form of svereal verses to be written,but my heart doesn’t allow it to be written and posted.As I write instantly and without any preconceived thought, I have no scheduled posts too. For me,my heart is their with them,pining and weeping.

So its outpouring is meant only for them …

Hope the phase ends soon and I begin with a fresh new verse of mine with a smiling heart .


  1. So what really is fear? A perception based on thoughts created by our own mind. Are these thoughts grounded in reality? Mostly not. Once we carry this perspective of fear, we gain the power to welcome it for the possibilities and learning it provides.

    Loved your post.


  2. I hear you Soumya….. it is a part of growing up but it feels intense and stressful. Hydrate, hug and comfort, something only a mommy can do better… love and hugs to you dear , take care.

  3. Soumya, whenever my daughter was sick, which was often, nothing else mattered in the world. Your post reminded of the night of her surgery. I stood by her hospital bed for hours as she slept. I watched her breathed as I listened to the machines beep. Even after she came home, I still couldn’t sleep. I lost ten pounds in a week. There is nothing like the love we have for our children, but I have learned that they are much more resilient than we will ever be. Your presence, your touch, and your prayers will make them stronger day by day.

    1. Thank you so much Shawn! could feel the sense and feeling of the anxiety and worry you went through. Its really tough then. And very true they are much more resilient. Thanks for being here dear!

  4. Awww.. I hope they get better soon! It sure is a very unsettling time when they fall sick and you feel helpless unable to be get them rid of their misery. But they’ll get better soon, hang in there. Sending them get well soon wishes! 🙂

  5. Nicely written but I am sad to hear that the kids are not doing great. I hope they get well soon.
    I have seen my mother going restless and aggressive when I or my sister become unwell.

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