The only flower of the garden sways as gentle wind comes its way,

soft petals tilt and stay in the same old structure of the floral lay.

It stands alone in the middle of the greens,

under the blue carpet with white fluffed things…

The gardener toils the soil and waters the stem,

to let the plant flourish and the flower smiles at its care…

It is the flower enhancing the beauty of a  king’s garden,

the centre of attraction of  every walker!

Unaware of the blossomed charm,

the king never spares a minute for a glint,

unnoticed unheeded,

the solitary flower smiles and pleases,

itself and its  heart within,

someday the king will see the scene!

When he will realize the beauty within,

glowing in his garden of dreams…

till then the beguiling one waits,

to have a glance from His Majesty ! one day!


Embarking  on a scintillating cruise, I was stumbled to see the gigantic congregation,
a minuscule sense of fear dragged within, feeling lost on the sail so colouring,
Gradually I settled my concern and began to enjoy the jubilation…
Adorning myself with a shimmering turquoise gown, I entered the banquet dinner,
thousands of unknown faces were busy with each other,
glasses tingling in their hands,some with clutched designer purses to flatter!
As the music flowed and reverberated the hall amidst the silent sea,
several feet started moving on its beat together and more closely,
the band played beautiful enchanting notes,never heard by me!
I clasped a glass more tightly as I felt like a stranger in the sea of crowd,
A voice gentle and heavy I heard from behind,” Can I dance with you,my lady,for a while”?
I turned around to see the gazing eyes deep and blue, awaiting for my nod! 
Nothing stopped me from saying no, irresistibly the atmosphere went slow,
As he held my hand and we twirled and danced, on the wooden floor,
lightly and gently he moved along with me and my steps,following him I felt like a princess!
Minutes passed ,hour was nearing,as were our breath intermingling,
there was a pause as the lights were put off,the clock struck midnight ,
and a loud shout came from all!
Happy new year to everyone here”
enjoy the time throughout the  year”
I found myself standing with the my glass,half emptied,half full to the sides of the throng!
A voice again I heard from behind,”Ma’am ,do you want more of the sweet wine”,
I got shocked as I thought,was it a dream…
or was that a real ball!