With beats of my heart I want to write an ode to my love,
who dwells in my tender veins in the  form of red blood …
Your very presence is assimilated  within,
as you transform and flow in the interconnected arteries…
Rushing and reaching from the tiny toe to the hair strands of my head,
you make me feel rhapsodical  and  I glow in ethereal wed !
Ever since the soul acquired this bod,
you got absorbed and occupied every inch of the veinal form!
For years you  ran through  the intricacy of ny delicate  life,
 on this cosmos untill we end this  course of moving with time!
Where after we move to the astral plane of the creation,
our souls will converge and be one for the divine summation…
The moments glittery  till I respire here on this earth,
let your essence fill my core to fragrance the whole universe!