Blog Of The Year 2012- 4 stars!

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A beautiful gift again from Cristi .M and Jyoti,both of them nominated me for the blog of the year 2012 award! That makes a total of 4 stars for me!

Just splendid! Iam really thankful to both of them. Cristi ‘s blog is a place where you can visit the whole world in a go and catch the most beautiful and breathtaking sites with all the information!.Want to know how fascinating is our earth,just have a look at his blog!

For Jyoti ,she is a quite sweet bubbly one,whose blog has a true innocence  of a teenager… Reflected clearly and and with affection,every post speaks about her simplicity.

Enjoy the two blogs and for the nominees :

Here are they:




Blog Of The Year 2012..


This poem is dedicated to  Amany!   as this got generated out of a  conversation with her !

A large  sphere…. small  hemisphere,

poles apart,still connected by the blogosphere,

what an awesome world of unknown identities,

words tie with  the unique bond of destiny….


Like a small village,

having a specific culture,languages different,

but understanding clear!

when something is uttered,

a tear shed or sadness withered,

friends  rush in to comfort with encouraged fervor…


What a world of  invisible stratosphere,

 attachment  emotional,

without meeting in personal,

what a game!


The  words play,

 blogs reflect  outpouring of a heart my dear!

share a laugh, sorrow or a joy to embrace,

want to travel and relax under the heaven,

feel the essence of the nature around,

feeling low,theres something which shall make   you sound…


Wanna read a verse simple,

or analyze the political converse,

missing old days or friends along,

craving for lost love or finding a new one for long…

everything you find here…


Such a great sphere is the world of blogosphere!