The light dawns upon the earth,

lighting innumerable dark worlds,

which grope in the darkened atmospheres,

dwelling within them sins of jealousy,cruelty and fears…


The illumination is for every nook,

which has been away from the 

 beautiful divine look…

where ignorance rules and 

eradicates love,

for such a place ..

the eternal light always burns!


When will thy luminous presence 

sparkle the souls,

waking up the sleeping psyches,

when will the inner light be alighted,

to shine and twinkle even in darker nights!


For the sinners there is always a hope,

of recuperating the thoughts once  dreadful ,

For such fallers of the path,

the divine hand pulls them out of the morass…

Hate the sins and not the doers,

ablazing a flame of love in each,

the world can be a place of 

lighted flowing creek…